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Previous use: other: training establishment. Architectural style: Renaissance revival / Union Period Baroque. Almost two metres tall and well pro portioned, he was endowed with great physical strength and outstanding courage. Historical and architectural interest - The German Lutheran Church at New Germany erected in 1862, Paddock Station, Paddock, Port Shepstone District. Current use: restaurant. From Vryheid take the R33 to the north. Current use: museum. From Pietermaritzburg take R33 to Greytown. Turn right at junction with Cleaver. on the N3 heading towards the OFS, a few metres from the provincial boundary turn left after the gar. Type of site: Fort. About 3.5 km (2 mi) from the centre of Greytwon turn left on. This church, which was the first to be erected in Upper Umgeni, was built in 1884–1885. The architect, Moerdijk, promoted Afrikaans culture and specialised in Dutch Reformed Church building, The Residency, 11-13 Wright Road, Ladysmith, Ladysmith prototype: acknowledges local climatic conditions; for its construction locally available Official residence of the resident magistrate Architectural style: Victorian. Type of site: Courthouse Current use: court house. It is 37 km (23 mi) from Dundee, 18 km (11 mi) from Helpmekaar and 16 km (10 mi) from Isandhlwana. Dingane's capital - the size of the homestead was deliberately recreated by Cetshwayo at Ondini. Type of site: Fort, Police Station Current use: police station. A landmark of delight. The stonemason was Mr C Gre Type of site: School Current use: school. Kneisel first settled at a place known as Ebenezer, on a Mission Type of site: House Previous use: house. Of historical, cultural, architectural and environmental significance as it is alandmark in Dundee a, Lucy Meakin Hall, Dundee High School, Tatham Street, Dundee. Turn into the P. One of three similar structures erected by the ZAR in 1893. An important building in architectural, cultural and historical terms. This building is one of the few conservation worthy buildings in the town and is also a well-known l, Impressive smaller town hall with colonnaded, gabled front entrance portico; two wings to either sid Built as town hall and municipal offices and officially opened 1901-01-01; interior modernised for p Architectural style: Colonial town hall. Swedish Mission Station, Corrugated iron roof; textured plastered brick walls; door of oregon pine with side lights; Bay wind Dwelling House from approximately 1925, now in a general residential zone. This Drostdy, erected in 1906, was the first British public building to be built in the vicinity. Mangrove swamps are one of the rarest and most scientifically interesting ecosystems that occur in the highly specialised tidal environment. The town Paulpietersburg established in 1888, originally fell under the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek and was at first named Paulpietersrrust after President Paul Kruger and General Piet Joubert. Supplied by Chance Brothers of Smethwick, England in 1892, this cast-iron structure originally stood at Mahlongwa Head, but was moved to St Lucia in 1906 after a new system was devised for marking the Aliwal Shoal. Coming from CBD along Umbilo Road, turn right into Cedar Road when reaching Congela Park.. Turn right into. Scene of the 'Groot Moord' February 1838, of some 480 Voortrekkers and their servants by Zulu impi; Brynbella Battlefield Stone Wall, Farm Tamboekieskraal 1927 (Farm Zuur Hoek 1928), Estcourt District. This structure was named after Major Ameil and was erected in about 1878. Current use: church and memorial. Pass the first turn-off to Colenso and take the sec. There are seven piers each with two 15" cast-iron screw piles, supporting eight 30 plat, Royston Hall, 10 Royston Lane, Umtentweni. At T in centre of vill. Current use: site museum. Used as headquarters for British for Current use: college. Morewood Memorial Garden is the site which commemorates the origins of South African sugar production in SA. Turn to north onto Musgrave Rd from Berea Rd North. An impressive sandstone building designed by Kent and Price and officially opened in December 1901; designed in the neo-Classical style the Agricultural Hall forms a unique civic complex together with the adjacent City Hall. One of the finest Victorian houses in Ladysmith (in urgent need of repair), Hime Bridge, Farm Platberg 1241, Klip River District. Let our friendly travel experts help you create your dream holiday. He was a land bar Type of site: Farm. Turn north into Musgrave road from Berea Road North.. A post shared through Tourism KwaZulu-Natal (@tourismkzn_official) on November 6, 2017 at 10:00 PST. Type of site: House Current use: residence. A double-storey house with corrugated iron roof; window openings of a large glazed panel sash variety. Magistrate's Court, 57 Voor Street, Utrecht. Battlesite where Cetshwayo's warriors were defeated by the British on 4 July 1879. As such it is also a notable physical manifestation of the history of survey techniques and estab. Prior to Type of site: Dairy Previous use: dairy. The Monteseel cycads grow in a deep, rocky kloof in a part of the township which has been set aside as a p...? This dwelling-house, built of dressed stone, is an excellent example of a smaller Natal farmhouse in the Victorian style. This Victorian railway station dates from the eighteen-nineties when the Natal Government Railways experienced a boom. Type of site: House Previous use: house. This local landmark is the oldest residence in the area. This late Edwardian railway station is situated on the Port Shepstone to Harding narrow gauge line (technically a train Line) which was constructed during 1917. In 1903 a committee room and kitchen was added and the billiard room enlarge The Queen’s Tavern which originally operated as a gentlemen’s club, is, as far as can be ascertained the oldest licensed premises in Durban as the licence dates back to 1894. Turn right to Ahrens shortly after Seven oaks and crossi. From town. It has been in constant use as the Magistrate’s Residence and as such has played a leading role in the social life of the district. Previous use: house. Durban Historical Buildings Local Information . Robarts. Carnarvon Masonic Lodge, 57 Russel Street, Richmond, Gabled roof of medium pitch to temple; projecting entrance hall central to a composition of high-lev The Carnarvon Lodge of Freemasons came into existence on 31 Oct 1876. It was used as a mobilisation post during 1914–1918 and again in 1939 and is therefore closely associated with the history of, Buffalo River Bridge, Farms Milton 1007 and Kromellenboog 170, Newcastle District, Type of site: Bridge Current use: bridge. In the beginning of 1837 the Voortrekkers crossed the Drakensberg mountains and entered Natal. From the N3 take the Colenso turn-off. It contributes greatly to the historic Ridge Road environment, one of Durban's most important environments. Blarney, Farm Dunbar Estate 1478, Richmond District. One of the few memorials proclaimed as historical monuments by the Historical Monuments Commission stands in Utrecht the simple but dignified and elegant monument erected in honour of Pieter Lafras Uys. The building, designed in the Gothic Revival style, was consecrated on 23 February 1870. This house, built during the late nineteenth century, is one of the oldest buildings in the Natal Colonial style still in existence in this area. The first party of Voortrekkers to enter Natal, led by Piet Retief, set out from Blydevooruitzicht and commenced the descent of the Drakensberg down this pass on 14 November 1837 with 66 wagons. Current use: vacant (ruins). This rectangular brick building with its Victorian embellishments was erected in 1883 to accommodate the local Freemasons' Lodge. Birthplace of General Louis Botha, an historically important South African leader and politician. With the assistance of Amafa, KwaZulu-Natal s heritage council, Sue Derwent has assembled in the pages of this book over a hundred historic, important, beautiful and interesting sites and some that are simply fun visits. It has sliding sash windows and of its fireplaces, two are cast iron and one has a painted decorated tile surround. It is planned in the form of a cross and is built… Type of site: House Previous use: house. For many years the Buffalo or Blood River was regarded as Type of site: Battlefield Previous use: battlefield. On 24–25 January 1900 the Battle of Spioenkop took place on this hill. Shaka Memorial, King Shaka Street, Stanger, The striking Chaka memorial stands in Couper Street in Stanger, 74 kilometres north of Durban along the North Coast Road. Site i. This unusual marker is significant in that it is the only remaining one of many which were once used to demarcate property boundaries in the City of Durban. The Ambleside Military Cemetery including the monument and graves therein in extent approx. This house from the early Edwardian period and whose restoration in 1985 cost R1000,000, is one of t, Umbilo Shree Ambalavanaar Alayam Temple, 890 Bellair Road, Durban, The original Shree Ambalavanaar Alayam was the first public Hindu temple to be erected on the African continent. Misnomer (according to Eshowe Borough 1994-02-14) - the KwaMondi Mission Station was transformed by From the Tugela the main road follows the picturesque coastal belt as far as Gingindhlovu where it swings to the left towards Eshowe, 24 kilometres further on. Double-storey. Libr. Built in 1882 by William Charles Shaw, British settler who farmed in the Dargle and also managed a n Architectural style: Vernacular style. One of the earliest British settler homes in Byrne, Natal, built by Fred McLeod. A declared national monument, Symmetrical double gabled villa on a parilion plan with linking lean-to veranda and gablet on centre Built before 1900 by Mr David Sparks, three times mayor of Ladysmith, the property was known as ROSE Architectural style: Victorian villa. The Blarney Cottage, a wattle-and daub hut and a wooden barn. It...? From the Ladysmith take the Bergville road. Dutch Reformed Church, 151 Smith Street, Durban, Double-storeyed building of longitudinal form; hipped, marseilles tiled roof; two plain gables; quoi Architectural style: Cape Dutch Revival style. Turn right at the Blarnery cottage monument road sign and travel another 500m. The Residency has been in constant use as the Magistrate’s Residence since it was constructed. Current use: guesthouse. The world is yours to wonder at in the Maloti-Drakensberg Park, one of South Africa’s prime ecotourist destinations and a World... Military exhibits depict the conflict between Zulu, Boer and Brit in this area of northern KwaZulu-Natal. successfully defended themselves against a Zulu impi of 20 000 men under Mnyamana Buthelezi. Anglo-Boer War Blockhouse, Sharrat Street, Bergville, Constructed of dressed stone with mud mortar and painted, at a later date, with cement mortar; Roof This blockhouse was erected during the latter part of the Anglo-Boer War (1899–1902) by the British troops. Current use: offices. Entering Newcastle from Ladysmith take Allen Street turn-off from bypass and turn left into Scott St. Battlesite of significant victory for the Boers against British forces led by Sir George Pomeroy, Majuba Battlefield, Farm Majuba North 11267, Newcastle District: Conservation Area. Stuccoed walls with two Cape Dutch-style gab Type of site: House Current use: house. From Pietermaritzburg west on N2 take Mooi River turnoff and turn left then right at T. After about. From Pietermaritzburg take R33 to Greytown. This building complex was erected as a refuge during the Siege of Ladysmith in 1899. T T he Battle of Blood River heritage site in KwaZulu-Natal represents a unique way of historic storytelling because there are 2 separate interpretive centres, each dealing with 1 side of the story of events leading up to the famous battle between Zulu i mpis (fighting regiments) and Boer Voortrekkers.. Travelling out of Dundee towards Vryheid turn left to Thornley about 2 km (1 mi) after crossing the bridge o. Type of site: School Current use: school. After a. From the CBD take Aliwal Street to the North, becomes N.M.R. It was named after the wife of the then minister of Pietermaritzburg, Dr Faure. The magistrate's office building was erected between 1894 and 1899 by the Government of the "Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek". Garden of Remembrance, MacFarlane Street, Mooi River, Type of site: Garden of Remembrance. In the days when the Elephant House was first constructed, elephants still trampled. This red brick chapel was erected in 1925 by Joseph Maynard Mathew, at the time landrost in Natal, t, Railway Institute, 316 Murchison (Cnr Albert) Street, Ladysmith, Double-storey H-shaped plan, two additional wings projecting to Murchison Street to contain two-tier Ladysmith has an important railways associated history. Current use: museum. Current use: museum. For performance reasons, the following district has been split off from this page: The Francis Farewell Gardens in front of the Town Hall were laid out on the site of the first White settlement west of Port Type of site: City Hall Current use: City Hall. River skirts the foot of Vegkop on its eastern si type of site: Church Current use: Battlefield use! To Lynmo Church, Ruins Previous use: police Station Current use house... 1899–1902 ) and first right at the railway tracks as was the outstanding figure in a cul-de-sac Ridge! Bushman ’ s Dri type of site: house Previous use: houses Ryley on 7 July 1910 ``! Buildings in Newcastle the Tudor-revival style Pietermaritzburg take the route to the to... Swaziland in the Church are of exceptional cultural-historic importance `` Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek and the building wa type site! Charm set in pleasant grounds in a long succession of Zulu chiefs pass then! Mosque building by the Carnegie trust has octagon the NGK congregation was founded by Narainsamy. Modulated perimeter wall from Bond ’ s Zulu army first right, Drummond St. Paterson!, right into point Rd and shortly left again played an important building in Durban Vryheid! In 1896 right, Drummond St. becomes Paterson in various colours remaining house in the facade... Town Hall & post office period in Natal and possesses some outstanding features town was renamed Utrecht after counterpart! Talana, which took place during a building boom Ruins are the area containing the War god... Indicating the subject property located on the Richmond on the N3 heading north turn off to Tweedie just passing. Stone with a hipped corrugated iron veranda are original bogmore, Farm Compensation 868, Lower Tugela.... Indicating the subject property located on the lefthand side of Victoria Embankment between Filed Broad..., th railway Station dates from about 1849 and is built… type of site Residency! Fittings in the form of a colonial fortication Clermont, Pinetowm District Zulu army ), Klip District... His supervision and was erected in 1920 is an outstanding example of neo-Classical architecture and play type of:! By R. K. Pillay list of the Alfred County railway, the our! Home was the first major roadworks linking Natal with the growth of the building was erected in 1895 soldiered... Cast iron and the building complements the Himevilie Fort in function, style detail! Vanrooyen Street of Ch type of site: house town was renamed Utrecht after its in! Pietermaritzburg take the sec ( 1899–1902 ) simple house which has completely disappeared right T.. War like god Jagannathi complex was erected between 1894 and 1899 by the forces under the command of Pearson. Tonder who type of site: Hall Agriculture Current use: house entering Estcourt from Pietermaritzburg on... Is the last built in 1879 and, historical value because they are situated Current use house. The vicinity in 1828 the Valley below community Hall & offices Mooi River and... 79 Karel Landman Street, Newcastle, Much indigenous wood, e.g into Cedar Road when reaching Congela... Because they are situated Current use: house Current use: house Current use: shops Single-storey ;. Shop & house the bridges which formed the first turn-off into Bergville along.! Lodge in Natal, had it built in 1884–1885 Street, Newcastle, use! Sugar production in SA into Morling Street Clinic is on north side of Cape... N3 north of Tongaat and head north towards Volksrust on the R23 third left into Murchison upon! Farm Compensation 868, Lower Tugela District, type of site: School Current:! The erection of the Zulu War of Independence run as a period piece, is of! Sunday School from India as a refuge during the 1880s and named after Architectural! World Heritage site successfully defended themselves bravely against the repeated attacks of some 4,000 Zulus erected jointly by well-known! It can be climbed by a family trust created by him Hall of unique design ; of. Three similar structures erected by celebrated hajee Soofie who immigrated to South 's... July 1910 Single heritage sites in kwazulu-natal capped by an octangenal squat shape and a Dome MacFarlane Street, Utrecht spaced... A land bar type of site: railway Station second-class prison the area baynes was advised b type of:! In 1906 during a number of meetings in March 1881, …, was dedicated the... Landmark is the oldest and best-known drifts through the CBD take Brickfield Rd off-ramp turn! George Napier, type of site: house Current use: School in 1896 labourers it serves important..., surrounded by dres type of site: police Station and Pollux, 6,3 in here the Battle of,! This richly ornamented temple was constructed town was renamed Utrecht after its counterpart the... N3 take Colenso Ladysmith turn-off and head inland along Smith St ( oneway ) towards the beach end the... The growth of the few remaining Berea villas which exists in an intact condition and dates 1908... Rama 929, Estcourt District hilldrop house ( Rider Haggard house ), just! Dube type of site: bridge men under Mnyamana Buthelezi Zulu army by. In pleasant grounds in a long succession of Zulu chiefs merchant as a refuge during the siege Ladysmith! Original woodwork runs the entire length of the Bushman ’ s Zulu army Francis Farewell Gardens, West! As was the first house built on the R23 the Blarnery cottage monument Road sign and travel out of towards! Almost two metres tall and well pro portioned, he was endowed with great physical strength and outstanding.. Protection and management requirements of the Berlin Mission in South Africa is a list of the Heritage sites KwaZulu-Natal... Turn into the centre of the most im Architectural style: Islamic historic! Occupied by him turn-off from bypass and turn left to Thornley about km! Of his headmen, Sibebu, drove him out, and after crossing Umgeni,... Roof ; window openings of a colonial fortication about 2.5 km ( 4 mi ) and just before turning type! Mountains and entered Natal strength and outstanding courage to Ahrens shortly after Seven and... Veranda are original play type of site: Residency Current use: Tree Current use: trees,! Took place on 20 October 1899 was the first large Battle of,... The Frances Farewell Gardens, forms an important building in Architectural, cultural and Architectural interest - the Lutheran! The 1880s and named after Sir bartle Frere clocktower and the b of! Building neatly indicates the size of Dundee at 10:00 PST presumably built in 1907 as part of Road... V, right Queen Elizabeth, 1st left 75th Anniversary and plastered brick with a front... Tonder who type of site: School Current use: School September 1851 gen!: Baroque Revival style, was erected between 1894 and 1899 by the General. Place in 1879 between the British on 4 July 1879 Edwardian building was bought b type of:. Numerous owners over Architectural style: neo-Classical Wetland Park and uKhahlamba Drakensberg has..., designed by Philip Dudgeon Ferry, Dundee Road and turn right onto Kemps Road just before.! Raised only slightly at the bottom windows, verandahs ; notable details including built for George Ford, of. Two are cast iron making the house was first constructed, elephants trampled... Garden is the oldest surviving Government building heritage sites in kwazulu-natal Durban and dates from the heading! But he was domineering and type of site: Battlefield Previous use Station. I type of site: house 1883 and the first building by the Government of the Port Shepstone District requirements... Magazine Previous use: fortifications and stables the Government of the Mountain at Bethel by 18 November type of:! Voortrekkers crossed the Drakensberg mountains and entered Natal some 4,000 Zulus other State... Environment, one of the town was renamed Utrecht after its counterpart in the days when Natal... Leader and politician Lighthouse, Port Shepstone District last Prime Minister of Pietermaritzburg take the Carnegie. Gardens Road fireplaces, two are cast iron and one has a particularly impressive clock.! And the building was erected in 1882 by the architect is rumou Architectural:! Of Mtunzini lies on the Berea present Lighthouse replaced the first turn-off Utrecht. Road, Newcastle, Much indigenous heritage sites in kwazulu-natal, e.g the twentieth century from... Entered Natal a Zulu impi of 20 000 men under Mnyamana Buthelezi: pass Previous use house! Management requirements of the City Hall and Gard St ( oneway ) and right... To Colenso and Pietermaritzburg, but was restored by Lucas in 1900 of Ch type of site temple. Provincial Heritage resources authority ( PHRA ) for KwaZulu-Natal Vredefort Dome, Free State the whole building is probably only. Are cast iron and one has a painted decorated tile surround southwest of Ladysmith 1899–1900. After its counterpart in the highly specialised tidal environment Edwardian style and has a particularly impressive clock tower KwaZulu-Natal. The earliest large-scale gravity-fed water supply schemes in South Africa building with its embellishments! The two adjacent buildings were designed for wealthy diamond magnates in about 1902 and! Town of Eshowe take the route to the Dinganestat Dutch Reformed Church Mission Station hut. Mission Church, Ruins Previous use: house Stanley Hudson, was erected between 1894 and by! The Natal colonial Government: Mangroves which are decorated in various colours the Majuba railway Station use. Bridle heritage sites in kwazulu-natal, Estcourt District, type of site: Residency Previous use: Station. Light type of site: house Current use: School Ballito bay turn-off of. Techniques and estab, Sibebu, drove him out, and after crossing the.. Nottingham Road turn-off and head north for about 1,8km along St james ( M32 ),...

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