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Can't get a job because I smoke too much weed. Oh yeah, and I love the tree (trees) Yeah, yeah, focus on words towards that Al is not a word, any more Yeah, um, we talking about, like... Environmental trees? I thought this was a weed song! Puffing that OG Plant 'em, in a hole, water 'em You know what I’m saying? Create, my man! On 'SNL,' Lil Wayne And Future Address Consent Music News Foo Fighters have released their new single, Shame Shame. Oh, alright! SNL stars Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson played a rap duo called the “Booty Kings” in a spoof music video. I- I like character work! [CDATA[ The band debuted Shame Shame on Saturday Night Live, during the show's traditional guest music spot, and it's definitely funky. Trees Adam Sandler’s “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut was full of callbacks to his time on the show. Let's go! It's taken from the band's upcoming tenth album Medicine At Midnight, the follow-up to 2017's Concrete And Gold. Do I got bad dirt (huh) We're under a tree Trees [Verse 2] - Pete Davidson Why are you so dressed up, anyway? Cuz you're full of THC On 'SNL,' Lil Wayne And Future Address Consent Two rappers find themselves in a comedy skit as foils for a serious message. Create! Permission Lyrics: Booty Kings / And Uncle Butt, yeah / We the kings of that booty music / Yeah, leggo, leggo, leggo, leggo, leggo, leggo / (Verse 1: Chris Redd & Kenan Thompson) / Booty kings in the Al Gore, Al Gore, Al Gore, Al Gore Trees The writing credits for this song are: U2 / Bono It was performed by U2 on 2000-12-09 at NBC Studios in New York, NY. Make you a tree Videos. //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. Make that seed work Yeah, so whenever you wanna do that-- Feed em like a z, nigga they still ain’t sproutin Make that seed work Photo credit: Nicholas Hunt This past Saturday, Lil Wayne made an appearance on SNL to perform two of his recent hit songs: “Can’t Be Broken” and … Like... Like the planet? That’s a whole lot of oxygen B (Al gore, Al gore, Al gore, Al gore). I worked really hard on the other verse! The two rappers were featured in an SNL skit based on acknowledging and respecting women’s consent. Follow @genius Just trying to change the world like Al Gore Yo my [censored] P Trees "Something, something about clean coal!" Young VIP Well, give me a second! Alright! We're playing ourselves! "YMCA" has been played at many of Trump's campaign rallies where he has been seen dancing to the song. "http":"https";t.getElementById(r)||(n=t.createElement(e),,n.src=i+"://",s.parentNode.insertBefore(n,s))}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); Alright Please enable Cookies and reload the page. [Refrain] - Chris Redd and Pete Davidson Bitch, I be loving these trees (loving these trees) Because rap is an art form that got its start in large cities, there are relatively few rap songs about nature subjects. //

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