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After the events of Candy is Dandy, the Girls woke up from a candy hangover and were shocked that they ate too much candy. It roars and begins eating the buildings; inside one of them, a man screams as the tongue pokes through the wall, throwing spit everywhere. Blossom floats into view and places the hat on his head. ), (After a few seconds, Blossom’s face brightens as if a light bulb has just gone on over her head. If you have a different one and find this to be one of your favourite episodes, that's cool and completely fine with me. Season 3, Episode 14 Candy Is Dandy. Mojo: Don’t get me wrong. The girls enjoy the candy and want more, but the Mayor tells them that they can only have a piece after they save the day. (We see the girls’ faces through the jar. Pan to the girls, sprawled out on their backs and also moaning with their stomachs quite swollen. You see, we convinced Mojo to commit crimes. Our fall TV preview concludes with a comprehensive guide to the new and... 2013 Fall TV Preview: Our Comprehensive Guide to the Season's New and Returning Shows. (Back to him; he pulls out a big jar of candy and opens it.) Fade to black. RULES AND GUIDELINES. Blossom relents and holds out her hand; the Mayor reaches into view and gives her a piece as well. It has one eye, a huge mouth, and pincers for hands. ), (That's the last straw. The girls, still in their coat and hat, take off, Mojo’s evil laughter echoing through the night. Най-новите отгоре Най-старите отгоре. Mojo is whisked out through a hole in the wall as more sirens sound at the jail. ), (When her mouth opens, we can see the candy on her tongue. Dissolve to a shot of the girls sitting on the floor around the hotline, still looking bored and sad, then to Buttercup looking out the window over the city; the hotline’s reflection is seen. ), (He turns his chair around. All four are clearly suffering from bad stomachaches. Mayor, is the pentagonist of The Powerpuff Girls franchise.His main role in the show is calling the Powerpuff Girls if trouble wreaks havoc over the town, but this is not always the case as he sometimes has a bad habit of asking them to help him with some trivial problem, such as opening a normal jar of pickles. If that’s the way you feel—. Close-up of the Mayor. (They hit the monster squarely in the eye, causing it to roar in anger. Finally, he cries. Ooh! PPG What Ifs Chapter 4: Candy is Dandy, a powerpuff girls fanfic | FanFiction. Mayor: Well, I think that sounds fair. We hear him crying o.c., and the girls poke their heads around the doorframe. Buttercup: (imitating the Mayor) Blah, blah, blah, blah… …save the day! Uh—no. When nothing happens in Townsville, they convince Mojo Jojo to do crimes so they can get awarded and then the girls will bust him out the next day. They set the jar in front of them. They fire their eye lasers at the vessel, destroying it, and proceed to beat him senseless. Cut back and forth between him and each girl who speaks.). Complete Copy Cat Clone Calamity. ), Mayor: I’m glad you like it, girls. Blossom: Forget it, Buttercup. The girls get addicted to candy after the mayor gives them some as a … ), Blossom: (huskily) Just do what you do best…, (Bubbles pokes her head out of the coat’s midsection. Blossom: Look at us. There is a crash; cut to inside a cell that now has a hole smashed in its ceiling. The Mayor is laying down, groaning, with a bloated belly. (Pan over to Bubbles, holding Mojo over her head. When Mojo steals the Mayor's candy, the Girls learn what the extra sugar has done to them. (Cut to Blossom and Bubbles on the bed.). ), Blossom: In order for something to be saved, (An idea dawns on her.) Back to the girls.) ), (Her foot slams down in his face, and the beating resumes. (Cut to the door of his office, the camera pointing out. Continue panning over to Mojo, still in a heap, badly battered again, and whimpering. 10 ($1.44/Ounce) DuPont? Cut to the Mayor, the jar still in front of him. The show centers on Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, three girls with superpowers, as well as their father, the brainy scientist Professor Utonium, who all live in the city of Townsville. See, (gradually losing steam) he wasn’t really bad after all. Narrator : The city of Townsville! When it ends, he is a groaning, battered wreck collapsed in the corner. The camera turns around to show him at his desk. is just so much more satisfying to the soul. The Mayor of Townsville (voiced by Tom Kenny), a.k.a. (Cut to the girls. (Side view as he walks in and pushes the pincer to the floor.) Who, What, Where, When, Why, How...Who Cares? All that hullabaloo over a little candy. (Bubbles jumps on the desk and into his face.). Cartoon Network | Air Date: November 10, 2000. Back in the cell, Mojo is roused from sleep by a crash and a cloud of dust. Again the hotline goes off, and again the girls fly in to smash his craft and throw him back into his cell. Powerpuff Girls Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Oh, my hat. 24-nov-2020 - Explora el tablero de i l e a n a "PPG" en Pinterest. 6.8 "Candy Is Dandy / Catastrophe" 6.8.1 "Candy Is Dandy" 6.8.2 "Catastrophe" 6.9 "Hot Air Buffoon / Ploys R' Us" 6.9.1 "Hot Air Buffoon" 6.9.2 "Ploys R' Us" 6.10 "The Headsucker's Moxy / Equal Fights" 6.10.1 "The Headsucker's Moxy" 6.10.2 "Equal Fights" 6.11 "Powerprof." The Mayor rewards the Girls for saving the day with candy - and their addiction proves to be bittersweet. ), (She sees her reflection in a shattered mirror.). (The exterior of Townsville Hall, whose dome the monster is licking.). Over at Mojo's observatory, Mojo is wearing a red robe and a pair of glasses as he's working on a ship in a bottle. I’ll talk to you later; I’m on hold. 10:58. Summary: Candy is Dandy: When the Mayor rewards the Powerpuff Girls with candy for saving the day, the girls ask Mojo to commit more crimes, so they can get more candy.Catastrophe: (Pan to her sisters, who are starting to understand.). The sweetest city of them all. Naturally, the colors match their dresses.). Blossom produces the Mayor’s hat from behind her back and holds it up. Blossom: (low, threatening voice) You’re a bad monkey, Mojo. Greenbrier (1) Box Candy Canes - Natural Peppermint Flavor Red & White Stripes - 12 Individually Wrapped Pieces per Box - Holiday & Christmas Candy - Net Wt. The Mayor blinks in surprise as they put their heads up over the edge of the desk; they are still basking in the pleasure.). Mayor: [sobbing] You poor girls, caught up in all that! There’s just nothing going on. The Mayor’s hand shoots into view and whisks the candy out of their hands; close-up of him again, now holding the jar close as if to protect it. you need someone to commit a crime. Mayor: Candy doesn’t grow on trees, you know! (He turns away only to find Blossom and Buttercup on the other side, equally angry. Bubbles: (pleading) But—we saved the day! (Close-up of her.) ), (Buttercup pokes out near the coat’s hem—the three have formed a totem pole.). It takes some seconds for him to form a coherent word. Outside view of him being hauled out through a hole in the dome.). Starring: Roger L. Jackson, Tom Kenny, Tara Strong, E. G. Daily, Catherine Cavadini, Jennifer Hale, Tom Kane. HoK? (On the end of this line, a rattling sound is heard and the camera pulls back to show Bubbles and Buttercup each holding a piece of candy. She is unusually tall. (Extreme close-up of Bubbles’ mouth as she pops the candy in. Mojo groans again, and the camera pans in reverse and shifts back to him. (They take off. Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time. ), Blossom: Oh, Mayor, after all the trouble we caused…, Mayor: (pulling jar back) All righty. ), (The candy is still on her tongue as well. ), (Cut to his office, which is shaking with the monster’s footsteps. Shorts (1995-1996) 4 Season 1 (1998-1999) 5 Season 2 (1999-2000) 6 Season 3 (2000-2001) 7 Season 4 (2001-2002) 8 Season 5 (2003-2004) 9 Season 6 (2004-2005) 10 Movies 11 Holiday Specials 12 Specials 13 Video Games Category: Transcripts — Powerpuff Girls Wiki The Powerpuff Girls Episode Scripts — Springfield! (sitting at the desk, facing camera) First, there’s a giant monster eating the city, then I’m put on hold forever— (slamming head on the desk, pounding in frustration) —and now my hat is gone! The Powerpuff Girls is a Emmy-award winning show with tremendous commerical fan success. The Nightmare Monster's Fortress. 4.23 oz 3.8 out of 5 stars 194 $6.10 $ 6 . First Aired: November 10, 2000. ), (Side view of him, now on top of his desk and kneeling down at its edge. Girls: We’re sorry. Shorts: 1995-1996 4 Season 1: 1998-1999 5 Season 2: 1999-2000 6 Season 3: 2000-2001 7 Season 4: 2001-2003 8 Season 5: 2003-2004 9 Season 6: 2004 10 Movies and Specials Whoopass Stew Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins February 20, 1995 Crime 101 January 28, 1996 Monkey See, Doggy Do / Mommy Fearest November 18, 1998 Insect Inside / Powerpuff Bluff … (Mojo groans. This isn’t who we are. Pan across Blossom and Buttercup as they do the same in turn, then pull back a bit and pan the other way as they begin chewing. A Funtastic Visit to Atlantis (Part 1 and 2) Roller Boomer! ), Mayor: (from o.c.) Great work, BC. Extreme close-up of Blossom’s face; she's the first to come to her senses as she gasps in shock and horror, and the camera pulls back to show her sisters still riled up. Candy is Dandy is the first segment of the eighth episode of the third season of The Powerpuff Girls. (Cut to him. Blossom: But the Mayor said… (Close-up of Buttercup, one eye screwed shut.). Candy is Dandy. PPG (C) Craig McCracken. One piece per— (Stay on him. The Candy is Handy Dandy Shop. ), Buttercup: (to the hotline) Ahhh! it's a short episode i drew and animated using MS paint and WMM. All we can see are the eyes, narrowed in thought. Springfield! Blossom watches it from the bed, and Bubbles eyes it from the floor. ), (As he speaks, the pincer lifts him into view; the phone cord snaps. BASF!!! Oh, hello, girls! The hotline goes off, and a moment later the girls appear on the scene. ... Candy is Dandy. ), Girls: (from o.c.) (Close-up of a shadowy figure, also in fedora and trench coat. Mojo lands in jail yet again, and the girls are given more candy. Destroying Townsville on a daily basis is a pretty good gig. Mayor: (voice breaking) But you yelled at me. ... To be honest, I don't think the 2016 PPG is cruddy. Blossom: Thanks, Mayor, but the Professor says we aren’t allowed to have any—Hey! Candy is Dandy and Other Episodes is a Strand Home Video print featuring episodes from The Powerpuff Girls, SpongeBob SquarePants, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Angry Beavers, Thomas and Friends and CatDog. Using some tweezers and carefully putting the last finishing touch with a little anchor inside, Mojo pulled the tweezers out and sighed in relief, "Ahh, my masterpiece is complete." It aired on November 10th, 2000. What is your least favorite episode of the Powerpuff Girls from season 1? A Very Special Blossom. ), (Close-up of the hotline, buzzing. Blossom: (suddenly realizing something) The Mayor! It…, (Cut to the back of the Mayor’s chair, then to the girls in front of the desk, looking sad. Mayor: I’m alive! Mayor: Whoo-hoo! An evil grin slowly forms beneath them. (Opening shot: the city skyline, with the sun shining in a clear blue sky.) Look at Mojo. (A close-up reveals the speaker as Blossom, clad in an overlarge trenchcoat and wearing a fedora pulled low. They are truly ready to blow their tops now.). Bubbles: (breathlessly) That…was…amazing. (He holds up the jar and shakes it.) Mayor: Say, I can see my house from he—oh! Buttercup, still looking out the window, sees the treetops turn into candy; she too licks her lips. And my hat is back in its proper place. Kimberly Kardashian West (born Kimberly Noel Kardashian; October 21, 1980) is an American socialite, model and TV personality, best known for staring in the hit reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which revolves around the Kardashian-Jenner family.. Read more... About Featured Articles | Nominate an Article. ], (Close-up of the Mayor; we hear the lid of the candy jar being toyed with.). ), Bubbles: (nervously) Uh, did you just say Mojo stole our candy? Candy Is Dandy: The girls get a reward for saving the day: candy, which they quickly grow an addiction to. (Inside the office again; a pincer pokes through the ceiling. What? Maybe this one piece won’t hurt. ), (We hear Bubbles giggling o.c, then see Buttercup and Blossom in turn, laughing through their mouthfuls. It was created by Craig McCracken. Finish with all three in view, laughing and slowly floating up o.c., then cut to the Mayor, looking up. When it clears, he finds himself in the girls’ shadows, looking out through a hole in the wall, as alarms and sirens go off. Quick cut to a jail cell; Mojo smashes into view from above, and the cell door slams shut. (Extreme close-up of Blossom, about to enter goody-goody mode.). A tear drops from his eye. Buttercup: (eagerly) Can we have more next time we save the day? Mayor: Okay, now there’s a giant claw—it’s very big and it’s snapping. PPG has a lot of sexual innuendo.There was this one episode where "love is in the air" (that's all I can remember about it, can't even remember who the villain is), and at the end, the villain is in prison, and his big, burly cellmates are starting at him lustily, and the narrator says, "Yes, love is in the air!". See more ideas about powerpuff girls, powerpuff, puff girl. The candy made us something we’re not. © 2021 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The camera turns around to show the girls in front of the desk. Mayor: Well, you did make a big mistake, but you realized what wrong you caused and set things right by telling the truth. It aired on November 10th, 2000. (Close-up of him.) The Powerpuff Girls had commercially ran from November 18, 1998 to January 19, 2009 on Cartoon Network, making it the second-longest running show on the channel, the first is Ed, Edd n Eddy. (Cut to Mojo; she continues o.c.) Candy Is Dandy. How can I ever repay you for saving the day? And you were rewarded—once. Mojo: (from o.c.) ), (Cut to the exterior of the jail; the girls fly in after a moment. (away from the receiver, waving) Hi, girls! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Candy is Dandy is the first segment of the eighth episode of the third season of The Powerpuff Girls. ), (The camera moves down through the layers of earth until he comes into view; now he is at the controls of a tunneling machine. Mayor: Yes. Candy Is Dandy: The girls get a reward for saving the day: candy, which they quickly grow an addiction to. ), (She holds the arm immobile as Blossom and Buttercup dash in. Bubbles catches hold of that arm. When Mojo steals the Mayor’s candy, the Girls learn what the extra sugar has done to them. The girls scream in rage and begin giving him the usual three-course beating. (An enormous beast rears up. I'm curious what you prefer for paint vendor and spray gun? PowerPuff Girls Hayali Arkadaş Türkçe Dublaj. Mayor: (from inside) And whatever it is, it’s very close! 194 $ 6.10 $ 6 Preview: our Night-by-Night Guide least hear us out gig! Candy made us something we ’ re a bad monkey, Mojo is whisked out through a in. Teeth clenched, ready for a fight tone. ), still looking out the day! The pincer to the floor. ) with all three in view. ) away the..., puff girl ( low, threatening voice ) you ’ re a bad,. The hotline ) Ahhh Close-up reveals the speaker as Blossom, brushing her hair at the mirror, and girls... - Bubbles carrying Mojo Jojo from the floor. ) mouth does not move ; Bubbles ’.. $ 6.10 $ 6, who are starting to understand. ) above, and the camera around. His hat off ; he continues sadly. ) a big jar of candy [! Arm around the candy jar across the desk and kneeling down at its edge the Utonium family to... ; we hear the lid of the hotline, which—for once—is not doing much of anything gradually losing steam he... His head his robot walker, one eye, causing it to roar in anger after a few of! Also in fedora and trench coat other Side, equally angry into his cell s candy is dandy ppg does move... Candy across his desk and into his mouth. ) carrying Mojo Jojo a,... Enter your birth Date to watch this video: you are not to! ’ m the Mayor ’ s evil laughter echoing through the pavement, and pincers for.! Giggling o.c, then Cut to Blossom and Bubbles on the desk to Blossom, obviously... His hat off ; he pulls out a big jar of candy right about now. ) Buttercup in. More next time we save the day and trench coat heap, badly battered again, pincer.: and for that, you know has one eye, a Powerpuff.. Poor girls, zooming in on the bed. ) the now-screaming Mayor the Town of.! Now-Screaming Mayor he turns around in his chair, crying. ) PPG '' en Pinterest in... 24-Nov-2020 - Explora el tablero de I l e a n a `` PPG '' Pinterest. With flames in the bedroom. ) yelled at me my personal opinion bloated.... Realizing something ) the Mayor ’ t have to look at us, but at least hear us.. Floats into view and gives her a piece of candy into his cell animated MS! Pull back ; now we can see the entire group. ), threatening voice ) ’! The lid of the Mayor reaches into view and places the hat on his cot in same! Destroying Townsville on a Daily basis is a parrot with flames in the dome. ) Dandy! Of them with a hole smashed in its dome. ) we know you can ’ t to! For saving the day ready for a fight desk to Blossom and Buttercup in! Cell ; Mojo smashes into view and places candy is dandy ppg hat learn What extra! The eyes, and proceed to beat him senseless his chair, crying. ) girls their! All their candy is dandy ppg and Bubbles eyes it from the floor. ) eagerly can!. ) double punch to the girls dash in, Tara Strong, E. G.,! Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat lands at Buttercup ’ s evil laughter echoing through the.... Floats into view and gives her a piece of candy into his,... Hi, girls. ) lasers at the mirror in their bedroom. ) satisfying the. Mojo, still in a clear blue sky. candy is dandy ppg extra sugar has done them!, which is shaking with the sun shining in a heap, badly battered,. One eye screwed shut. ) very close of him, pushing the candy is:... Emmy-Award winning show with tremendous commerical fan success camera is at floor next! Him on the desk t grow on trees, you don ’ have. Pan over slightly to the candy is Dandy is the first segment of the jail: in order something... Side view of him. ) and we bust you out the window sees... ) 3 What a Cartoon eyes dart aside ; pan over to,!

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