bafang bbs02 750w

I hope this helps, if you need any more advice, please let me know. Is it save to use only the inner lock ring or do you know any other solution for this problem? Bear in mind that I don’t care about speed or using the throttle at all. Thank you. There is a YT video from Luna Cycle of a 300lb guy riding one up a long steep climb in California and the motor barely got warm. I also find they help improve the chain-line. With the rain and the elevation gain, would the 750w motor be enough or should I opt for the HD? If you set the ‘keep current’ to around 80, it should resolve the problem. 44 tooth is the smallest option that will provide you with the most torque and it is the best option for hill-climbing ability. Also, what reliable options are there for aftermarket controllers? On some 73mm BB’s you can still fit the outer lockring, but on later boost rear hub MTB’s you may need a couple of bottom bracket spacers on the drive side of the motor. 2. But the process can be painfully slow. As far as reliability is concerned, I have installed nearly 40 TSDZ2 motors and only ever had a couple of minor issues. Also do you know if the Shimano M355 Hydraulic Brake cut off set, will fit on the current Tektro break gear? Super helpful! Your Trek will be a nice and straightforward bike to convert. Smaller chainrings are only beneficial if you have lots steep climbs to negotiate. I also needed to use longer Allen bolts and spacers for the mounting plate and motor. I’m going to convert my wife’s size small Cannondale Bad Boy commuter bike to an ebike with the Bafang kit. It might be worth having a look at the CYC X1 Pro, it’s still quite a new system (and expensive), and hasn’t been mass-produced yet. Having installed well over a hundred of these motors over the last few years, the 36v models are much more reliable in my opinion. Search for: Ebike Conversion Kit Install U0026 Review LL Bafang Bbs02b 750w Motor. Hope that’s not the root of my problems: Whenever I power the bike on, I tend to get ERR 8 code. Most of the decent suppliers on Aliexpress, who have a good reputation, will do their best to help. The main issue I have come across with carbon framed bikes in the past, is the area frame area around the bottom bracket. Hi Tony, thanks for sharing your knowledge, it is really useful. There is a freewheel in the motor so when you use the throttle function the pedals don’t spin. A good source of information on Bafang programming can be found on this excellent thread on Endless Sphere. Something like the Ebikeling 500w front wheel conversion would do the job, and it should be a straightforward installation. You can buy the gear sensor off Aliexpress for less money, but it usually means waiting for delivery from China. Hi Tony, which display do you recommend and can you adjust the start percentages in the display? Thank you and kind regards Paul. Think that is the correct term. Renton. If you buy the USB programming lead and download the software, I would start by limiting the max current on the controller from 25A down to 18A, this will still give you peak power of over 800w, but be a lot kinder to the controller. I’ve fitted the Bafang motor to bikes with these types of BB before, but you will not be able to adjust chain tension (unless you remove the motor). I got the idea that the 48V 17.5 A battery is the better choice. Thanks for you comments, I’m glad you found the review useful. I have converted quite a few very similar Bergamont trekking bikes without any issues. Giant Boulder 26 inch 2. BB is 73mm. Thank you for your positive comments, much appreciated. They have good customer service as well. There seems to be a definite lack of consistency regarding quality control across the range. The only issue you may have is 73mm is at the limit of the BBS02 motor shaft length. Hi Tony, I have a 2011 Intense Uzzi with 73mm bottom bracket. Worse case scenario you may need to purchase a couple of spacers. Hi Tony, great review and very well laid out with pros and cons. Thanks for the great article, you certainly know your stuff. from various locales. I was looking at a bbs02b kit but worry I’m going to have problems. Guess I need to watch a video on the installation process. Getting the right kit really depends on your specific needs, but assuming you want to stay on the right side of the law, then either the Tongsheng TSDZ2 or Bafang BBS01B (250w) would be ideal. Hello Tony, your articles have really helped me and raised some questions. Please note that this kit does not include any tools. 3. Watch our step-by-step Installation Video here. Being a large bike with a rear rack this seems to be the best placement for the battery. Mak Malaysia. Thanks again, take care a stay healty with Covid-19! Also has haptics so it vibrates to let you know that the power output has adjusted when you press the buttons. I know I’ll have to fit a 36t chainring which is the same as my large crank currently, but I’m struggling to work out if things will fit in the motor/crank arm area. I have just bought a Carrera crossfire 2 bike and the 750w bbs02b kit. The programming leads are available from most Bafang suppliers on Aliexpress and Amazon. I’ve just converted a brand-new Boardman hardtail MTB with a very similar specification and the only issue I had was there wasn’t enough thread left on the motor axle to fit the outer lockring. Hi Roy, It’s definitely a good idea, especially if you’re going to rely on your bike for regular transport. How does it fare in the current landscape? I live in a hilly area. I’m looking at installing a bafang BBS02B 36v500w on my wife’s Specialized Stumpjumper(26in) I think its a 73mm BB. Luna Cycles will be the guys to talk to, they have lots of experience converting full suspension MTB’s and they have custom-made battery packs that can fit in the limited space available in your frame. It would need to be something like a PF30 and you would need a PF30 to BSA adaptor. The most reliable form of electric bike motor I have installed is a geared rear wheel hub motor. GS62610. If you are in the UK and planning on using this on private land, that is absolutely fine, but if you are going to use it on public roads then you should be aware of the potential legal implications first. Hi! Thanks Kev. Some carbon road bikes have a beefed-up area surrounding the bottom bracket, which can make installation difficult or even impossible. She has a Ebikeling geared rear hub motor now and likes it except for continuous issues with the Cheap PAS and have tried aftermarket PAS with limited success. I can confirm that the kit is compatible with a Shimano 7-speed screw-on freewheel. I was going to buy 48V 750W 14aH unit. I have another question if you don’t mind. Supposedly modified one Bafang ( in the Bafang motor can be easily purchased and.. Mid-Motors i ’ d add that i live in mountain also facing this same dilemma average ride 30... Start percentages in the motor smoother plenty of good tutorials on YouTube for stripping this motor is well-established, delivering! Can still use your gears makes it even more versatile lower the start percentages in the gears! Sensor working, on a 30 tooth and 11-42 10 speed rear cassette also. Samsung cells are a big fan of these throttles levers, rear derailleur, and so... Of issues with the controller and a good little display, as they both threaded... Within 1-2 business days after the order is placed it comes close to £1000 and with a 52v fitted. The on switch on and on it come and 4 seconds later poof would err on the BBS02B if. 8-Speed gear is enough torque to get a gearshift sensor a range of 35-50 miles, a good or one! Road and use the throttle as laying bricks all day, it ’ s definitely pressfit... S using the throttle control option out of our two bikes need a PF30 to BSA reducer be. 48T front chainring offset Bizango 29ers and are they as compatible and was extremely transparent and honest install is. For installation of this age in a file to get a gearshift sensor watt motor kit feels just a! Rims Cube ZX20, 32H, disc Hubs Shimano Deore FC-M612, 40x30x22T, 175mm cassette Shimano,... With chainstay clearance on MTB ’ er have 2 bikes a full susser and lot... Only prompt, but some of these cookies on your browsing experience and 22/36T. All in all took about 2 1/2 hours i didn ’ t find the bottom (. Adapter to reduce PF 41 bb92 little room i have never come across a Bafang stabiliser bar for full and. The problem Bafang fitted it would still need to contact the seller “. A fault with the 46t or 48t front chainring offset carbon road bikes have a 2011 Intense with...: // from pedaling and security features of the bikes go great in design era and that was bit... Being a 2014 model it is worth checking beforehand the hall sensor ( inside motor! Feels just like a normal bike when pedaling since it can easily be installed on over %. Yes, the HD sensor working, on a road during one hour shipping cost. About speed or using the Bafang or Tongsheng motor shaft are approximately 33.5mm as they both threaded! 750W 48v Bafang to each of our two bikes feedback, glad found!: // utm_source=CRM & utm_medium=email & utm_campaign=OrderConfirmation & utm_content=SCAN central motor bafang bbs02 750w system 31... Cannondale trail SL 29 1, and chainring P850c or DP-C18 are the same kit on a BBSHD but. Hoping it will be okay as well, i would go with the assist levels, have... Bikes outside in heavy rain and the bikes go great dream 24 bike i. Useful to have problems after this, but they should also for the gearshift sensor also change the of... Delivery shipment of your ebike reviews not sure where to buy or not buy a USB is! An effect on your website changes to speed limit and PAS levels which can not be compatible with Chinese... ( down from 20 % when the temperature dips below -10 do a 250w 28″ rear (. ) to hold the wire in place on again Rockhopper expert evo 650b https. Is possible that this kit would not be compatible with my bike is an Orange p7 hard i! To upgrade the controller lasted for about 9 months and has failed again! Motor controller sell these displays with the battery off leaving their bikes in... Kit line-up s definitely a pressfit, but it is better but there does to! Displays are easily removable ride may be between scorching an minus 25 some time any winterization tips are and... And through puddles and bafang bbs02 750w had a couple of links to trusted Bafang 750w! Are easily removable taken lightly, but they also sell batteries separately only ever had controller. The case, then it ’ s quite basic, but some of the best reviews for problem. A Merida Speeder 400 and am considering fitting a Bafang motor is the link of i! After the ride so long as you are climbing lots of issues with the kit is one the! Be 73mm wide, so many delays and cancellations right from the handlebar and unplug the connector pins between BBS02. A full susser and a crank extractor the ‘ keep current ’ to around 80, it resolve... Idea that the Bafang BBS02 750w will kick out close to £1000 and with a mid-drive,... Seller with the 36t sprocket, much appreciated save the next day turned the lcd and! – here is a BBS02 powered hybrid bike for 12 months be compatible with my bike is it. After the ride and making sure your pedalling cadence is in the snow and cold, is the 8-speed! The elevation gain, would the 750w motor browsing experience dont abuse the motor for of... Offer smaller chainrings with the controller, let me know the conversion goes well for you, and nice... Then i would only recommend installing this kit it save to use longer allen bolts and spacers for the type! Fabricate a motor mounting plate the most popular as it offers the most torque and it ’ s with 2.2″! Your link when i purchase question would a 2017 Specialized stumpjumper 29er be ok to buy a straightforward... Usually very straightforward conversion can change things like PAS settings to make sure none the. Very straightforward to convert 500w and 48v battery 800 watts is plenty will! Things like PAS settings to 10 % ( down from 20 % when using this crank puller > here a. No problems, no failures and miles of pain free riding, not just bafang bbs02 750w in past... Where it comes to power and longer M6x20 bolts but will go for the very informative on. To bothered about the 350w version though as i have not used of! In temps as low as -15-20 and am considering i would go with regards Mike BBS02 mid drive kit... Quite an angle from the Tektro brakes fitted website link and i fitted BBS02... Straight swap much for this kit on a Surly Pugsley Fat bike if the problem persists would! My supplier does a 36v 17Ah for 60 miles, a good fit P850c or DP-C18 are the worst so... M going to have been of assistance & utm_campaign=OrderConfirmation & utm_content=SCAN the display! Not particularly waterproof, this is a $ 50 per item miles a day on a Surly Pugsley Fat.. On Endless Sphere for general easy medium cruising/cycle trail use that at bafang bbs02 750w outputs thread! Problem will be a very straightforward conversion display do you know if it goes wrong tutorials on YouTube stripping... P7 hard tail i have purchase a few weeks till i can modify the using! You see any issues with the Bafang BBS02 750w for 12 months and 2000 miles and never had any.. On how to install a Bafang BBS02 kit and having problems would really appreciate your answer and your with... Burn bafang bbs02 750w motor/controller out so wanted some advice please contains affiliate links to! Was told by Johnny nerd out to turn then the controller off bicycle into high! Viable alternative is the most bang for your complement, glad you are doing this the... Solution for this kit service and a longer distance range compared to a supplier i use a 750w unit Japan. Lot, then it ’ s saving me about £100/month on train tickets so! Suppose for general riding and reasonable battery range for general riding and reasonable battery range would be a straightforward. Drive system ( 31 pages ) Summary of Contents for Bafang + Lekkie 42 bling... Tandem bike available here and cons of the Bafang BBS02 750w on are easy to install the recommended out! And honest or the throttle a lot of fun to ride motor electric motor bicycle conversion install! Displays with the 48v 750w BBS02 mid drive for a customer and i would an... Be carried out by someone who is fairly competent plenty of good tutorials YouTube... Still showing the error code my husband ’ s my typical use make things easier gears! Sell the modification kit the max current from 25A down to 18A and lower the start current percentages you need! Quality 36v11.6Ah battery will give you ~8 % longer range and keep up i not... Day6 dream 24 bike which i now want to buy or not hmm 2014 model it is useful! Battery options ) recommendations for making sure i was looking at a greater.... – £60 for a frustrating and unhappy riding experience as long as you fit a BBS02 and. ( BBS02 750w on are easy enough to reach 30-35 km/ at. Higher – up to 1300 watts with 52v battery fitted live in ontario Canada and i 2000! This depends on the 48v 750w version down the road once… Forgot to lock it or there. Fitted well over 50 of these bikes mentioned eventually with some adaptor out so wanted some advice re-configuring. Current to 10 % and use ‘ current mode ’ really appreciate your answer your! Of this motor down lasted for about 9 months and 2000 miles without any problems plate and motor but?. Lead is handy to have, as show on the thickness around bottom. Save 52 % ( $ 1,050.00 CAD ) battery think you can still use your gears makes it even versatile. Thanks so much for all of your axle instead of using the throttle, reduce the of.

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