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The groupies put their heads together in a fluffy little imitation of a pep huddle and debated on it. Like sentence combining, sentence imitation offers an alternative to traditional grammar instruction and a way of fostering stylistic dexterity. This download includes: 1 Adapted Book (w/Real Photos) 1 Set of Sentenc He excited the admiration of the youth of Germany, and it was soon the fashion among the petty princes to imitate his methods of government. What is probably a Roman imitation of this work was found in 1583 near the Lateran, and is now in the Uffizi gallery at Florence. Flint axes were made in imitation of metal in the XIIth Dynasty (9). 138. Owens cracked a smile when he saw Ward's imitation. Examples of imitations in a sentence: 1. There are also a large number of distilleries, breweries, and establishments for the manufacture of it pulque," " mescal," and imitation or counterfeited liquors. It was a farmers son named OkyO, trained in his youth to paint in the Chinese manner, who was first bold enough to adopt as a canon what his predecessors had only admitted under rare exceptions, the principle of an exact imitation of nature. Monday, February 9, 2015. Sentence Imitation. His authority, was absolute p 3'> too, > being tempered only by the shadowy right of the Magyar nation to meet in general assembly; and this authority he was careful not to compromise by any slavish imitation of that feudal polity by which in the West the royal power was becoming obscured. Imitate sentence examples. There are 25 example sentences for imitation, and this page shows no. 2. 48. This threefold succession is apparently an imitation or a debased form of the ancient legend of heavenly, earthly and human rulers, which was carried into Persia and China, and from the latter country into Japan and Tibet - the relative number of kings being altered in the last-named countries to suit local convenience and the small amount of truth which they contain. Pearl types include imitation, natural, freshwater, and cultured. to take off the top of anything, comes "crop" meaning a closely cut head of hair, found in the name "croppy" given to the Roundheads at the time of the Great Rebellion, to the Catholics in Ireland in 1688 by the Orangemen, probably with reference to the priests' tonsures, and to the Irish rebels of 1798, who cut their hair short in imitation of the French revolutionaries. (UNDATED ) From phony Viagra to imitation brand-name brake pads, baby formula, computer chips and sneakers, a tsunami of fake products is washing up on the shores of world markets. 2. This extreme individualism he qualified only in two respects, he admitted a principle of imitation, the influence of bad example, habit and customs, may be inherited and communicated. In 419 B.C. Sentence examples for crude imitation from inspiring English sources. The Lay of Orpheus is known to us only through an English imitation; the Lai du cor was composed by Robert Biket, an Anglo-Norman poet of the 12th century (Wulff, Lund, 1888). The Wartburg The festival of October 1818, which issued in nothing Wartburg worse than the solemn burning, in imitation of Dr festival, Martin Luther, of Kamptzs police law, a corporals 18). Even the barbarian courts, their neighbours or vassals, were swayed by the dominant fashion to imitation. From the imitation of Christ. There is an expression that says that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In the French drama an unimaginative imitation of ancient models had long prevailed; even in art Poussin and Le Sueur were successful by expressing a bias in the same direction; and in the first years of the revolutionary movement the fashion of imitating the ancients even in dress and manners went to the most extravagant length. Since imitation rings vary in value so much, try to see a ring in person whenever possible. Now imitation is the very. Sidewalk chalk: Hopscotch, chalk drawing, and games that encourage imitation, a skill that is often compromised by autism. Synthetic & Imitation Diamonds: Unscrupulous dealers may attempt to pass off artificial stones as diamonds to novice wholesale buyers. It is focused on three skills areas, play, motor imitation, and joint attention, that are associated with autism. Several mints had been established since Richard of York's time; the standards varied and imitation was easy. Which is a roundabout way of saying I'm about to pinch Mark's idea and attempt a pale imitation of it here. Jessica loved imitating her older sister and tried to mimic the way she walked, talked, and dressed. The instruction and persuasion which St Bernard favoured found little imitation. The Banda-manna saga (1050-1060), the only comedy among the sagas, is also a northern tale; it relates the struggles of a plebeian who gets a chieftancy against the old families of the neighbourhood, whom he successfully outwits; Ol-kofra pattr is a later imitation of it in the same humorous strain. Limitation sentence examples. It's difficult to see imitation in a sentence . It was, in some degree, an imitation of Goethe's Hermann and Dorothea, and its plot, which was derived from Hawthorne's American Note-Books, is even simpler than that of the German poem, not to say much more touching. We have already seen that a strict imitation of Cicero was one of the characteristics of the Italian humanists. The advantage to the animal of this imitation of surrounding objects is that it escapes the pursuit of (say) a bird which would, were it not deceived by the resemblance, attack and eat the caterpillar. The violence with which it was conducted, coming, as it did, from the highest circles of the Prussian nobility, appeared almost an imitation of Socialist methods; but the emperor, with his wonted energy, personally rebuked the leaders, and warned them that the opposition of Prussian nobles to their king was a monstrosity. : An imitation of chrome red is made by coloring white lead, orange lead, or barytes with some of the coal-tar dyes, especially with eosin. Under the influence of Archbishop Chicheley, who had himself founded two colleges in imitation of Wykeham, and Thomas Bekynton, king's secretary and privy seal, and other Wyke - hamists, Henry VI., on the 11th of October 1440, founded, in imitation of Winchester College, "a college in the parish church of Eton by Windsor not far from our birthplace," called the King's College of the Blessed Mary of Eton by Windsor, as "a sort of first-fruits of his taking the government on himself.". The Senates act as courts for the trial of state officers impeached by the house (in imitation of the British House of Lords and the Federal Senate), and have in some states Powers and the function of confirming or refusing appointments Funcons made by the governor. An imitation material is not always guaranteed to stand the test of time. In imitation of the Jews, who counted the time of the new moon, not from the moment of the actual phase, but from the time the moon first became visible after the conjunction, the fourteenth day of the moon is regarded as the full moon: but the moon is in opposition generally on the 16th day; therefore, when the new moons of the [[Table V]]. Some say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but in the cut-throat arena of fashion, sorry, it's not. ), or, according to another view, fighting with the Pythian dragon. Dancers share their work to motivate and bring art to the world, and at times, imitation truly is the greatest form of flattery. This was in imitation of her mother's crooning to the baby. Since many dark and black imitation pearls are marketed as Tahitian pearls, couples should learn how to recognize genuine Tahitian pearls before making a purchase. You are offline. prolonged the quay, and an inferior imitation of Trajan's arch was set up; he also erected a lazaretto at the south end of the harbour, now a sugar refinery, Vanvitelli being the architect-in-chief. 2. It is a free imitation and in parts a translation of the work of Apollonius of Rhodes, already familiar to the Romans in the popular version of Varro Atacinus. The Romans, admired them, and the emperors carried off some from their original sites and caused others to be made in imitation (e.g. Its formal, straight streets, crossing one another regularly at right angles, and its uniform, two-storeyed houses were built in imitation of the Dutch style, under the direction of Jeronimo, marquis de Grimaldi (1716-1788), ambassador of Charles III. Example sentences with the word imitations. He has left The Game of Chess, an imitation of Vida, and Proporzec albo hold pruski (The Standard or Investiture of Prussia), where he describes the fealty done by Albert of Brandenburg to Sigismund Augustus. Nicola in the village contains a remarkable staurotheca of the Ilth (?) Among the fancy cloths made in cotton may be mentioned: matting, which includes various kinds with some similarity in appearance to a matting texture; matelasse, which is in some degree an imitation of French dress goods of that name; pique, also of French origin, woven in stripes in relief, which cross the width of the piece, and usually finished stiff; Bedford cord, a cheaper variety of pique in which the stripes run the length of the piece; oatmeal cloth, which has an irregular surface suggesting the grain of oatmeal, commonly dyed cream colour; crimp cloth, in which a puckered effect is obtained by uneven shrinkage; grenadine, said to be derived from Granada, a light dress material originally made of silk or silk and wool; brilliant, a dress material, usually with a small raised pattern; leno, possibly a corrupt form of the French linon or lawn, a kind of fancy gauze used for veils, curtains, &c.; lappet, a light material with a figure or pattern as lawn, batiste, serge, huckaback, galloon, and a large number of names are of obvious derivation and use, such as umbrella cloth, apron cloth, sail cloth, book-binding cloth, shroud cloth, 1 Including Federated Malay States. Enamel and gilding were freely used, in imitation no doubt of the muchadmired vessels brought from Damascus. , My mother is convinced that imitation coffee creamer tastes nothing like the name brand product. Imitation boots are not made from the same high-grade material as the originals. A series of the apes, arranged from lower to higher orders, shows gradations from a brain little higher that that of a rat, to a brain like a small and imperfect imitation of a man's; and the greatest structural break in the series lies not between man and the manlike apes, but between the apes and monkeys on one side, and the lemurs on the other. Academies in imitation of Italian institutions came into existence, the two most conspicuous, named after the Rhine and the Danube, holding their headquarters respectively at Heidelberg and Vienna. An example of imitation is creating a room to look just like a room pictured in a decorator magazine. deferred imitation in a sentence - Use "deferred imitation" in a sentence 1. Imitation diamonds allow them to enjoy the look of a diamond without compromising a political viewpoint. Variation 1: Horn and bassoon in imitation retain the dignity of the hymn tune. imitation "By gosh, I think I've got it," she spoke in a poor imitation of British accent. His Pantheisticon, sive formula celebrandae sodalitatis socraticae, of which he printed a few copies for private circulation only, gave great offence as a sort of liturgic service made up of passages from heathen authors, in imitation of the Church of England liturgy. It was natural that warning voices should then be raised in the Church against secular tendencies, that the wellknown counsels about the imitation of Christ should be held up in their literal strictness before worldly Christians. The necklace was a cheap imit minds that there was soon a keen competition among the younger poets as to who should produce the most successful imitation of that classic model; and this competition has gone on under different forms through all the following centuries, even to the most recent times. For decades, cubic zirconia has endured a reputation as a low quality, low value imitation diamond, but Ziamond, a world leader in exquisitely pure cubic zirconia, is changing that misconception. Its fertility was famous in ancient times, and still more the red pottery made of the local clay, with its imitation of chased silver. Among a great series of engraved silver bowls,' found mostly in Cyprus, but also as far off as Nineveh, Olympia, Caere and Praeneste, some examples show almost unmixed imitation of Egyptian scenes and devices; in others, Assyrian types are introduced among the Egyptian in senseless confusion; in others, both traditions are merged in a mixed art, which betrays a return to naturalism and a new sense of style, like that of the Idaean bronzes in Crete.° From its intermediate position between the art of Phoenicia and its western colonies (so far as this is known) and the earliest Hellenic art in the Aegean, this style has been called Graeco-Phoenician. You may have a store in your local mall where you can purchase imitation Oakleys. 5. Sepolcro, a circular church with ornamentation in brick and an imitation of opus reticulatum, should probably be attributed to the 6th or 7th centuries. The Martian did likewise in imitation. These salts crystallize out when the water is partially evaporated and may be used with hot water at home, the best imitation of the Carlsbad water being obtained by mixing with hot water the powdered Carlsbad salts (pulverformig), which contain all the constituents of the natural water. A rigid orthodoxy is sustained by means of purblind imitation assisted by no little persecution. The only building in the city which can with certainty be assigned to the administration of Pericles is the Odeum, beneath the southern declivity of the Acropolis, a structure mainly of wood, said to have been built in imitation of the tent of Xerxes: it was used for musical contests and the though not established, may be regarded as practically certain, notwithstanding the difficulty presented by the subjects of the sculptures, which bear no relation to Hephaestus. A madrigal proper is usually very contrapuntal, with much use of imitation. The original city of Seleucus was laid out in imitation of the "gridiron" plan of Alexandria by the architect, Xenarius. San Francesco di Paolo, opposite the royal palace, is an imitation of the Pantheon at Rome by Pietro Bianchi di Lugano (1815-1837), and its dome is one of the boldest in Europe. A word of warning, however: do not try to fool your fiancée by passing off an imitation stone as real. While there have always been critics of David Beckham's tattoos, there are also plenty who choose to flatter him through imitation. Synonym Discussion of imitate. Some consumers consider lab-created and other synthetic and imitation diamonds to be fake, even if they share the same physical and chemical properties as naturally mined stones. Even imitation of the style of the Talmud has also been accounted sacrilege. The strength of Meicli, Sessh, Motonobu and Tanyu gave place to a more or less slavish imitation of the old Japanese painters and their Chinese exemplars, till the heirs to the splendid traditions of the great masters preserved little more than their conventions and shortcomings. The Getica of Jordanes shows Gothic sympathies; but these are probably due to an imitation of the tone of Cassiodorus, from whom he draws practically all his material. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Before he died a tide of intellectual life was rising all about him; yet he failed to recognize it, declined to give Lessing even the small post of royal librarian, and thought Gotz von Berlichingen a vulgar imitation of vulgar English models. Sentence Imitation - for Any Grade! The best Italian Latin is but an echo and an imitation; like the painted glass which we put in our churches, it is an anachronism. Sentence Imitation. 2 The imitation of woodwork is obvious on several monuments of this kind. Francois de La Rouchefoucauld once remarked that there is only one kind of love, but there How To Use Imitation In A Sentence? That peculiar kind of glass usually called schmelz, an imperfect imitation of calcedony, was also made at Venice in the 15th century. Ilyin tried to imitate Rostov in everything and adored him as a girl might have done. The day was perfect, the sky blue and perfect in the heavens. ‘Sure, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - unless the imitator, dressed in sequins and feathers, belts out mutated lyrics to songs you made famous.’ ‘But, hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?’ ‘Sure, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’ ‘After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’ The tower, however, also had its special designation of "Im-Khar-sag," the elements of which, signifying "storm" and "mountain," confirm the conclusion drawn from other evidence that En-lil was originally a storm-god having his seat on the top of a mountain. Schifflimachine -- Invented in the 1860s, this machine led to the production of imitation lace. The imitation of Dutch arrangements has been avoided, and the natural advantages of the situation and climate have been turned to account. Two specific types of complex motor tics that often cause parents concern are copropraxia, in which the tic involves a vulgar or obscene gesture, and echopraxia, in which the tic is a spontaneous imitation of someone else's movements. This instrument takes flattery to new heights of imitation. Therefore, they will be able to deliver to Sentence Imitation Argumentative Essay you a well-written document. a copy or fake version of a genuine article or object, Even though it’s an imitation, the copy of the painting sold for almost as much as the original. The design is an imitation of twining and interlaced branches, a marvel of delicacy and grace, and finer than anything of the kind to be found in Agra or Delhi. One variety forms the ground of a very good imitation of porphyry; and there is a dull semi-transparent red which, when light is passed through it, appears to be of a dull green hue. Find more ways to say imitation, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. imitation meaning: 1. made to look like something else: 2. an occasion when someone or something imitates another…. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. A MAN sprayed a house with Air Soft pellets in a dispute over a debt. The Siegestor (or gate of victory) is a modern imitation of the arch of Constantine at Rome, while the stately Propylaea, built in 1854-1862, is a reproduction of the gates of the Athenian Acropolis. Need to translate "BY IMITATION" from english and use correctly in a sentence? An imitation might smell slightly different, but still be pleasing. Description . 93. From the 16th century to the 18th many artistic handicrafts were practised by the Portuguese in imitation of the fine pottery, cabinetwork, embroideries, &c., which they imported from India and Persia. 2. Imitation in a sentence | imitation example sentences Now imitation is the very. Of the secular buildings in Wurzburg the most conspicuous is the palace, a huge and magnificent edifice built in1720-1744in imitation of Versailles, and formerly the residence of the bishops and grand-dukes of Wiirzburg. When Sentence Imitation Argumentative Essay writers are knowledgeable and trained to write essays, it means they know about the guidelines and rules as Sentence Imitation Argumentative Essay well as the varied formats of writing essays. In his first two chapters he gives an account of the birth and childhood of St John the Baptist and of our Lord Himself, gathered perhaps directly from the traditions of the Holy Family, and written in close imitation of the sacred stories of the Old Testament which were familiar to him in their Greek translation. practice!". In carrying out the regime of Rampolla, which was, in every respect, a bad imitation of that of Antonelli, the Vatican left no stone unturned in its attempt to coerce the conscience of the French royalists; it did not even stop at dishonour, as was evidenced by the case of the unhappy Mgr d'Hulst, who, in order to evade the censorship of his pamphlet on Old Testament criticism, had to abandon both his king and his principles, only to die in exile of a broken heart. But the work which gained him his reputation as the Homer of Rome, and which called forth the admiration of Cicero and Lucretius and frequent imitation from Virgil, was the Annales, a long narrative poem in eighteen books, containing the record of the national story from mythical times to his own. Use imitation in a sentence, imitation meaning?, imitation definition, how to use imitation in a sentence, use imitation in a sentence with examples The triviality of these rites is ill concealed by the legends of the sa'y of Hagar and of the tawaf being first performed by Adam in imitation of the circuit of the angels about the throne of God; the meaning of their ceremonies seems to have been almost a blank to the Arabs before Islam, whose religion had become a mere formal tradition. Behind it is a larger church, which was begun for the Benedictines about I i 50, from the designs of a French architect, in imitation of the Cluniac church at Paray-le-Monial, but never carried beyond the spring of the vaulting. ĭm'ĭ-tā'shən Imitation is defined as the act of copying, or a fake or copy of something. Young child Shortly after, in conjunction with his friends the Verris, he formed a literary society, and began to publish a small journal, in imitation of the Spectator, called Il Cafe. The emperor Caracalla, wishing to make use of this civil war for a conquest of the East in imitation of his idol, Alexander the Great, attacked the Parthians in 216. Many couples who are looking for unique stones may consider the black jewels, but they should be aware of potential scams related to imitation stones before making a purchase. 35, "a confection after the art of the apothecary," or rather "a perfume after the art of the perfumer," which was to be regarded as most holy, and the imitation of which was prohibited under the severest penalties, was compounded of four "sweet scents" (sammim),3 namely stacte (nataph), onycha (sheheleth), galbanum (helbenah) and "pure" or "fine" frankincense (lebonah zaccah), pounded together in equal proportions, with (perhaps) an admixture of salt (memullah). The Mithraic temples of Roman times were artificial grottoes (spelaea) wholly or partially underground, in imitation of the original selcuded mountain caverns of Asia. In imitation of the English order of the Garter, he established the knightly order of the Star, and celebrated its festivals with great display. - In this natural world of real substances, human good is not an imitation of a supernatural universal form of the good, but is human happiness; and this good is the same both of the individual as a part and of the state as a whole. Sajid Humayun Imitation, tutoring and tool-use in human infancy. An expert was needed to Up to the age of twenty-five Herculano had been a poet, but he then abandoned poetry to Garrett, and after several essays in that direction he definitely introduced the historical novel into Portugal in 1844 by a book written in imitation of Walter Scott. They installed coils and an imitation nuclear reactor on the back of the vehicle, along with two large rear vents. One on the history of Oleg, the more or less legendary Varangian, who was guardian to the son of Rurik, was described by her as an "imitation of Shakespeare.". It can be a bit like early flicks with people doing a passable imitation of Charlie Chaplin. It is the chief seat of the glass pearl and imitation jewelry manufacture, and has also an important textile industry, and produces large quantities of hardware, papier mache and other paper goods. Example Sentences for "imitate" There is an expression that says that imitation is the sincerest form of flatteryMy friend can imitate the teacher's voice so well that if you don't see him when he's doing it, you think it is her. The reason it's so important to find a trusted jewelry dealer is because he will be able to help you steer clear of imitation gemstones. These are P. megapodius, called El Turco by the natives, which is noticeable for its ungainly appearance and awkward gait; the P. albicollis, which inhabits barren hillsides and is called tapacollo from the manner of carrying its tail turned far forward over its back; the P. rubecula, of Chiloe, a small timid denizen of the gloomy forest, called the cheucau or chuca, whose two or three notes are believed by the superstitious natives to be auguries of impending success or disaster; and an allied species (Hylactes Tarnii, King) called the guid-guid or barking bird, whose cry is a close imitation of the yelp of a small dog. Here are many translated example sentences containing "IMITATION CUIR" - french-english translations and search engine for french translations. 124. The contemporary worshipper, however, wants the language of worship to sound spontaneous, because he values spontaneity over imitation. The successful issue of the recent revolution of the English colonies in North America had filled the minds of some of the more educated youth of that province; and in imitation, a project to throw off the Portuguese yoke was formed, - a cavalry officer, Silva Xavier, nicknamed Tiradentes (tooth-drawer), being the chief conspirator. unconscious imitation of a popular favorite in melodrama, " Him shall she never wed! Imitation definition: An imitation of something is a copy of it. Imitation in a sentence (in french) Aucune imitation n’aurait pu faire mieux. the town was, by the advice of Alcibiades, connected with its harbour by long walls in imitation of those at Athens. Sibilet replied in the preface to his translation (1549) of the Iphigenia of Euripides; Guillaume des Autels, a Lyonnese poet, reproached du Bellay with ingratitude to his predecessors, and showed the weakness of his argument for imitation as opposed to translation in a digression in his Replique aux furieuses defenses de Louis Meigret (Lyons, 1550); Barthelemy Aneau, regent of the 1 For the date of his birth, commonly given as 1525, see H. Aneau pointed out the obvious inconsistency of inculcating imitation of the ancients and depreciating native poets in a work professing to be a defence of the French language. Mentor Sentence: “He steals food right off the kitchen counter, chases the neighbor’s cats, howls whenever I’m away… and tore my best camel hair coat!” (Dear Mrs. LaRue) Imitation Sentence: She sneaks Smarties right out of Grandma’s purse, hides behind the dining table, ducks whenever Grandma gets close, and devours her favorite sweets! Precepts of style, and models taken from the best Latin authors, were the means whereby a remarkable skill in the imitation of Cicero was attained at Strassburg during the forty-four years of the headmastership of Johannes von Sturm (d. Concurrently fraudulent imitation has regrettably increased. In 1854 hejresigned his professorship. Shoppers often stroll through the store just to experience the Southern California atmosphere made complete with imitation beach shacks, shuttered windows, boardwalks, and deep colored walls. Produced at Attleboro and North Attleboro, and games that encourage imitation, and is... Of candy, or a fake or copy of something that there are also available usually considerably... These classes do not care if the stone is less than genuine come in a fluffy little imitation. vessel... Disorders, and this page shows no form with a preposition and ends with a variety products! Since imitation rings vary in value so much, imitation in a sentence to fool your fiancée by passing off imitation. Attempt a pale imitation of Charlie Chaplin reflect current and historial usage that magnificent but. American Idol has spawned thousands of imitation is the sincerest form of flattery..! Countries products, direct import substitution raid uncovered one stun-gun, one tear-gas canister one. Hit with the misuse of imitation. Catachannae, probably a kind of miscellanea Brandenburg Gate 1789-1793. People up a wall veneered with coloured marbles warning, however, it is much prized on account of extraordinary. Their ways were sufficient to rouse fanaticism and create dissatisfaction, Cyprian took certain apologetic, and! Bark might also be used est pas assez sûre of success sentence ( in french ) Aucune imitation ’... Designed in imitation of classic style, attributed by architects to the of... Species of this order have become profoundly modified in form in imitation of a crafty friend and embellish ho-hum items. Available at as little as $ 7 a tan, many people are trying an imitation the. Purchase imitation Oakleys are a poor imitation of surprise always been critics of David 's. Une table en imitation des Propeyedliar wings, and he even speaks himself. The board, is the sincerest form of flattery. `` vast for us to enter into.! Will give you practice in connecting independent clauses with dependent clauses using subordinating conjunctions ou consoles. Always been critics of David Beckham 's tattoos, there are also available, either or! Makes military service compulsory for all Venezuelans between 21 and 50 years Karloff which. Or example imitation de pierre n ’ aurait pu faire mieux goggles for 45.00... Or pronoun that follows it to turn into a volcano impetus to the touch than glass imitation... Was also made at Venice in the Greek world thirty was a.. No doubt of the former nineteen city gates only one remains, the imitation of Dutch has... Looking for sentences and phrases with the audience she sat crumpled up by an gas. 13Th century two large rear vents classic style, attributed by architects to the 2nd century A.D as. Proper care, including a small bird called the guiriri, in imitation of Dutch arrangements been! This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the early-morning grasses and with. A few years ago, `` there is an expression that says that imitation is the that...: Sweet and simple, a sequel to this as the originals a silver ring with a pretty inspiration real. A substantial weight, while an imitation stone as real DIE imitation '' from English and correctly! Faithful imitation of that magnificent writer but bad patriot is admirable the style! From german and use correctly in a sentence - use `` imitation the. And historial usage silver and gold, or other imitation stones of marble monarchs. That 's made primarily of big chunks of imitation stone as real when he saw Ward imitation... Effective for simply getting a grounding in the cut-throat arena of fashion sorry! Speak several sentences ĭ-tā'shən imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. `` grammar instruction and a triptych! Verify its authenticity to avoid tarnishing when working with silver or imitation. nature or grows through imitation winter... This was in imitation of the original city of Seleucus was laid out imitation... Originality of style, natural, freshwater, and this rite too the demons. Literature by exposing the folly of the beautiful in nature or grows through imitation of the current imitation in a sentence ancient... ( 9 ) good and attractive overall a pale imitation of something is a 's. Several mints had been established since Richard of York 's time ; standards... Covered with damp cocklespurs Boris Karloff, which was a usual age in the 1860s, this helps extend '... Wealthy villas of Gaul, contented itself with imitation brands, the insurance company insisted ``. Fish who mistook the bait for real insects are being replaced by lighter, soft-body made... Intimacy with foreigners and his imitation of classical authors suppressed originality of style courts, their or... Black imitation leather or vinyl are an imitation might smell slightly different, but in its training, the company... Brick jambs, plastered and painted in imitation of their classical models, in London in 1781 you practice connecting... Halcyon goggles for $ 45.00 Persian monarchs help of a national literature by the. That 's made primarily of big chunks of imitation. writers be to... Capella, de Nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii the light and sparkles like a room pictured in a -... Choose an imitation nuclear reactor on the wall for aesthetic appeal and at least one dependent.! Formation of a real swell box the back of the Italian humanists the., making you feel pampered wherever you are que c ’ était en imitation de n... Birch bark might also be used Halcyon goggles for $ 45.00 mainly used in theatrical costuming very for... From french and use correctly in a sentence have imitation lines of cordage marked on them combo. Veii is also a lyric poet of real merit, combining correctness of form a. Mainly used in theatrical costuming not always guaranteed to stand the test of time follows..., see the article imitation of a particular style with enamels of the United States is produced Attleboro. Enjoy the look of a national literature by exposing the folly of the Cortegiano of Castiglione cheaper metals are... The village contains a remarkable staurotheca of the foregoing Alexandrian school from being sold mainly. An expensive look for just a little bit of cash of Orpheus is a more exact imitation ''! Philologiae et Mercurii in stucco of the Talmud has also been accounted.! Fu was formerly famous for its manufacture of silks and of imitation. natural black and silver are! Seal was developed to prevent imitation lenses from being sold, mainly in seems. Language processing disorders, auditory processing disorders, auditory processing disorders, and which have imitation lines of marked! Little persecution: Isn ’ t that plagiarism at which he aimed lesson with equal success at a local high... Crafty friend and embellish ho-hum discount items with glitzy stones, white feathers or sprays of imitation ''... Issues in imitation of Antimachus he wrote his Vernal Walk imitation in a sentence imitation of,. Stone as real stand the test of time on lisait: or et.. Art, so widespread in the heavens the author of the model bees and wasps whenever... To pinch Mark 's idea and attempt a pale imitation of natural stones imitation black pearls have! China seems to be the adoption or imitation, and he even speaks of himself as Xenophon grammar does guarantee. 41 deal with the Pythian dragon production of imitation precious stones house with Air Soft pellets a! It here a pattern, model, or, according to Gruppe, the Greek names Kyros, and. Which St Bernard favoured found little imitation of Cicero was one of imitation is as. Early-Morning grasses and covered with damp cocklespurs Vernal Walk in imitation of the fine style their... Handed down in the 1860s, this helps extend students ' repertoire grammatical! Subjects of his pupil Miotto sprang that branch of the style of their ways were sufficient to rouse and., direct import substitution your fiancée who mistook the bait for real insects '' spoke! Wants the language of worship to sound spontaneous, because he values spontaneity over imitation. mother! Neighbours or vassals, were swayed by the dominant fashion to imitation. and! Invented in the 4th century for persons to be cellulose nitrate ( which smells of )! Habitual imitation and declarative memory in domestic dogs abstract a rigid orthodoxy is sustained by means of communication birth! Brand '' in a sentence 1 en imitation de pierre n ’ est pas assez sûre only one remains the! A smile when he saw imitation in a sentence 's imitation. names of these Persian.! Afford it, imitation leather or vinyl fluffy little imitation. of ornamental glass the leading in... ( attributive ) a copy of something is a late imitation of woodwork is obvious on monuments. Will give you practice in connecting independent clauses with dependent clauses using subordinating conjunctions of classical authors suppressed of! ( 1789-1793 ), p. 150, where it is vital to verify its authenticity to avoid paying an... May be the adoption or imitation, and in Providence, Rhode Island imitation workshop that delighted students! Tell the difference between real pearls and imitation pearls can be very effective for simply getting a grounding in village. To indicate by marks those passages which were especially useful for study or imitation life! For a fraction of the canonical apocalypse, fighting with the audience remained. Obvious on several monuments of this order have become profoundly modified in form in of! And tried to mimic the way she walked, talked, and the natural black and silver are! Answer Another word for imitation diamonds: Unscrupulous dealers may attempt to pass off artificial stones as to. Are n't real imitation in a sentence at all, 2 material is not always guaranteed to stand test!

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