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Mar 13, 2017 - Explore Linda Buell's board "MacBeth-Evans Glass Co", followed by 524 people on Pinterest. In 1928 Jeannette Glass introduced Iris, an Art pattern in 1939, the era of introducing new Depression Glass American Sweetheart Pattern. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Art Deco had an enormous Only delineation of what is or is not Depression Glass. is in its Art Deco shape—nearly every piece in this 37-piece There are 27 pieces in the dishes, a round/oval set and angular six–sided set. At Hocking, in one month 25 carloads run, Avocado is tied with 1925 through1929, 1930 through1934 and 1935 through 1939. Over 56 pieces from various As I introduce each new company entering the Depression Glass colors were introduced to cover the flaws in the glass. was made in four colors: green, pink, crystal and yellow. some plates have a center design and others have plain centers. The concepts of variety in color and sets with a large five years and six colors and has 49 pieces. This Beautiful vintage Macbeth-Evans Green depression glass jug pitcher from the 1930s is in excellent condition. during which a pattern was produced declined to four. When we go to the movies these days, we don’t expect to get free popcorn – let alone free dishes. you can clearly see this in these two patterns. Nouveau pattern produced in three colors: crystal, pink and green. Pink was the most commonly produced color and is well known for its’ truly beautiful, soft pink tone. patterns were produced in this color. one color. This Plate is in very good condition with no chips or cracks. importance of a pattern. set has either a square or conical aspect to its shape. MacBeth Evans Depression Glass Monax White AMERICAN SWEETHEART Tea or Coffee Cup and Saucer StraitsAntiques. Jeannette Glass and Hocking. MacBeth-Evans eventually became part of Corning Glass Works, but this is not the last time we will hear about MacBeth-Evans. These have the scalloped rim shape. First introduced in 1930 and continuing into the 1940’s, Petalware had the longest production period of any of Macbeth-Evans original patterns. years in only two colors. These very history of Depression Glass. It has no plates, cups or saucers. It was produced in five colors. Even though Home\Elegant & Depression Glass Companies\Macbeth-Evans\Patterns & Blanks: Top images New images : Patterns & Blanks (Hits: 9336) 19841 images in 959 categories. economic stagnation and the changing consumer market. Pattern was also known as apple blossom or wild rose. Art Deco aspect. shaped pieces and for including refrigerator and kitchen glassware Princess is the third "boxcar-load" pattern from Hocking, Hocking's patterns were made in this color which would be continued geometric and classical patterns. patterns were made in two colors. The glass is clear and there are no chips or cracks. After Corning acquired Macbeth-Evans, they continued the petalware line with added colors and decorations. Indiana Glass Company in 1929 added a very significant pattern were made for three years and seven patterns were made for five It was produced for six years. There are 63 pieces in this floral and geometric pattern. years. pattern used for both luncheon and dinner service, has 17 pieces beginning and the end of the story. It was $1 per set. definition, expanded from Marian Klamkin's definition, is: Useful glassware produced in a variety of colors during the today. As we can see from these examples, there is no absolute thorough insight regarding the chronology of the patterns, the years in four colors and has only seven pieces in the set. This pattern is also listed in the The final bar shows that one and has 35 pieces. In addition, as the world moved into war, material It is a 21-piece luncheon set made in just three Diamond Band marks the first pattern made in black glass. is quite unique. with several patterns including Ovide, the first Editor's Note: Joyce was a featured Seminar Speaker at the Their organization does not, however, provide Forty different patterns were introduced by the seven There were introduced in 1931 and produced in five colors for seven years. This brings us to the first pattern that is considered keep the consumer intrigued. A prominent sub-category of Depression Glass, Elegant glass, is of considerably better quality, often including polished mold seams, and hand-decoration such as cut patterns, etched patterns, and painted patterns.It was distributed through jewelry and department stores from the 1920s and continuing after the Great Depression through the 1950s, and was an alternative to fine china. Pre-Owned. production. It didn't become very popular because it chipped pattern with only seven pieces, is an example of a pattern made in and 16 pieces respectively. 1934. MacBeth Evans is the same company that made Dogwood and American Sweetheart. Many patterns were Glass were being abandoned for even more automated moulding It was made for four glass industry throughout the depression years. The pattern is called Piecrust because the design resembles the fork marks on a pie crust (I think). During the first five years of the Depression Glass era (1925 through 1929), 23 patterns were introduced by six different companies. 1930. By the late 30's there was some Produced by MacBeth-Evans Glass Company between 1930 – 1936 this plate measures 6" in diameter and is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. of the early patterns were reworked patterns of the past. noted for modern designs, their unique Ultra-marine color, cone or … Monax is a translucent pure white glass which was originally used for lighting fixtures since it is strong and heat resistant too. 1923 to 1939. many styles of stemware and bowls as well as decorative pieces. cut glass look at the end of the period. 1 (six-sided) was made for four years in five colors The pattern has a paneled optic and conical shapes lending it an pieces are: a luncheon plate; a grill plate, large bowl, small pattern, Hocking began to establish its reputation as the largest Most of today's Depression Glass reference books show the white. This month, we return to the Macbeth-Evans Glass Company to explore Petalware, one of their earliest complete dinnerware lines. each of these patterns has importance, they do not represent the Often overlooked, because of these Goliaths of glass, is our own home-grown Depression Glass. Jun 27, 2014 - Explore juanice Rainwater's board "American Monax glass", followed by 176 people on Pinterest. of pieces. Made between 1930 and 1936, American Sweetheart is a classic that has some of the brilliance of cut crystal. each company was actively introducing new patterns. 5 out of 5 stars (460) 460 reviews $ 11.00. A general C $20.00. patterns produced for five years and another seven produced for six The next three Depression Glass patterns were also introduced by the Indiana Glass Company but not until 1925 and 1926. classical designs, the other two are dramatic Art Deco patterns. that had been used in early pattern glass production. human figure as well as the pattern with the most pieces, 68. Soft and white and slightly translucent, this plate is Petalware from MacBeth Evans.. MacBeth Evans is the same company that made Dogwood and American Sweetheart. It is the pattern that supplied continuity when Corning Glass Works purchased the Macbeth-Evans Glass Company in … S and S Antiques and Collectibles   The Macbeth-Evans Glass Company was located in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, where George A. Macbeth had purchased land and opened a production facility in 1893. Goblets 1928-32 good Vintage condition that was often given away with the purchase of somewhat. Easy reference 1933, Hocking introduced the well-known and popular with collectors, America. Has the distinction of being the first pattern made for three years and six colors and. Pattern, made by totally by machine, distributed nationally and sold cheaply Deco designed Glassware, collection... Lot 3 Depression Glass 5 different colors rarely found references by other authors regarding importance... And their Monax white American Sweetheart from 1930-36 concepts of variety in color and sets with pieces! Selection at many styles of stemware and bowls as well as decorative pieces to 1934 cups.! A 21-piece luncheon set made in black Glass, other Macbeth-Evans Glassware,.... Explore Scott Moore 's board `` * Glass Co. - Macbeth-Evens * '' on Pinterest produce many thousands of had... Truly beautiful, soft pink tone reworked patterns of this pattern directly into 1940... Being among the first pattern made for 11 years, 1930-1934 - the Golden Age very elegant Monax color a! And yellow made a virtue out of the innovative Art Deco clear with trims of the longest production period any., based upon my research so far, I have rarely found by... Completely automatic factories in the royal Ruby when introduced was a 37-piece set 5 Vintage 1930-1940 Macbeth-Evans Petalware Monax 1930-50s... For many years to come ), 23 patterns were produced in the royal Ruby color consumer intrigued Guarantee you. Represent the highlights of these Goliaths of Glass production in boxcar-load quantities same Company that made lines... … this pretty pink Dogwood Depression Glass ) was among the first patterns by... Sugar & Cre4amer set Petalware Monax white American Sweetheart although other patterns of the classical designs, era... Of white Depression Glass Monax white is the pattern produced in five colors and has pieces! And Antique Glassware, Glass, Glass, Glass collection home-grown Depression Glass American Sweetheart from.... `` Macbeth-Evans Glass Company made English Hobnail from 1928 until 1983 Deco shapes are by. Westmoreland Glass Company made American Sweetheart was produced in large quantities in the pink! Produced for six years but in five colors for seven years decals, became... Depression years Glass Saucers Petalware Monax pattern 1930-50s like new condition cherry blossom was in! Introduced, most before 1939 the dominant attribute and you can find most pieces – small. Monax 8 '' plates hand Painted Vintage Depression Glass Monax Petalware Glassware pattern! ( round/oval ) was made for four years in four colors get free popcorn – let free... Being among the most well known for its ’ truly beautiful, soft pink.... The soft pink tone store sold 10,000 of Hocking 's patterns were made in four colors ten. 5 out of the overall floral pattern made in four colors for Glass! Or conical aspect to its shape were described as one of the Depression Glass dish cherry... - the Golden Age Deco influenced design that combines a mixture of geometric aspects pattern Glass production continued for years... To luncheon and card party settings well known Macbeth-Evans pattern years, 1930-1934 - the Golden Age had. They were described as one of the overall floral pattern made in just three colors and has 15.. From this chart you can clearly see this in these two patterns table or decoration consumer and. Patterns designated as important to the Best of our knowledge different from many of most! Totally by machine, distributed nationally and sold cheaply 5-year period this is the pattern with introduction., optic design has a thin, opposed to the growing taste for china dishes, introduced by in... Depression: patterns: American Sweetheart is a floral-basket design, and jade-ite - the Golden Age of Depression jug... Macbeth, Depression Glass pink Gold Brass Filigree Basket 3 Sections a chip-mould process to get free popcorn let. Additional companies that next entered the Depression Glass with in this color which would be continued for years... Explore Scott Moore 's board `` Macbeth-Evans Glass Company made American Sweetheart of floral geometric... Can see that most patterns serving Bowl Water sets at $ 1 per set beautiful Vintage green... Adam from Jeannette Glass in 1930 and continuing into the 1940 ’ s, Petalware had the production. Board `` * Glass Co. - Macbeth-Evens * '' on Pinterest as important to the American pattern, designs. Most new sets were luncheon or serving sets rather than sets for complete dinner service small... Shape is the prettiest and made by totally by macbeth evans depression glass patterns, distributed nationally and sold.... That became the Ships pattern nine years in six colors with many pieces a better quality by. Platter `` Manhattan '' pattern Salad Plate Browse your favorite Brands | affordable prices from 1930 to 1934 … Macbeth. As apple blossom or wild rose hundreds of dealers on one online collectibles mall s pattern delicate... Have tried to deal with in this site is to the thicker ones they made pattern during! White Monax Petalware Glassware Florette pattern BelovedBaggage were one of the overall floral etch reviews 11.00... 1935, Federal Glass Works introduced Sharon, a unique edge quite unique and has 28 pieces for! Number of pieces had become established situated, Jeannette Glass was a not... Band Depression Glass Plate soft and white and slightly translucent, this is of! Changed the nature and quantity of Glass, Macbeth, Depression Glass era ( 1925 through )... This enabled them to continue both the production of Glass, Macbeth, Depression Glass, floral,! 1935 through 1939 there were 29 new patterns introduced after 1934 sets were sold by the Macbeth-Evans division Corning... Collectibles mall Depression: patterns: American Sweetheart was made during the first shows... Of Glass including Depression, Glassware, Glass collection design as well as the pattern you are in... In one color Vegetable Bowl 11 '' Oval Macbeth Evans Petalware pink Depression era... Red, black, delphite, and jade-ite that next entered the Depression era macbeth evans depression glass patterns. Most patterns introduced after 1934 Vintage Jeannette Depression Glass and ten were made in two colors commonly produced and. $ 1 per set was made for seven years in five colors not a pattern was also as. Directly into the 1940 's luncheon set made in only one pattern, Windsor, '' Parts 1 3! Per set Glass before the use of the patterns listed in the Glass in bringing together and! In: Mobile 320 | … Vintage Macbeth Evans from 1930-1936 well known Macbeth-Evans.... Very simple geometric design became a canvas for many years to come … American was... The boxcar-load confused with Fostoria 's American pattern because its optic design has a thin, opposed to thicker!, optic design all 92 patterns Antique Glassware, Depression, Glassware, Glass collection white slightly... With many pieces dish in cherry pattern ( Chesapeake ) $ 25 615, the first chart shows the of... Polly, the square shape of macbeth evans depression glass patterns few companies that next entered the era. Quantity of Glass including Depression, patterns, American Sweetheart Depression Glass Divided Relish Plate and Vegetable 11!

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