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46:177], Acnologia (アクノロギア, Akunorogia) is one of the series' overarching antagonists, known as the "Dragon King" (竜の王, Ryū no Ō) for driving the dragon race to near extinction in Earth-land's historic Dragon King Festival (竜王祭, Ryūōsai).[ch. 14] Abandoned at infancy by her mother, Irene Belserion,[ch. Wendy Marvell - The Sky Maiden. 2] Initially chaired by Crawford Theme (クロフォード・シーム, Kurofōdo Shīmu), the council's members have little tolerance for Fairy Tail's property-damaging tactics, despite their role in handling criminals and monsters that threaten the peace.[ch. 77, 163] She first activates her magic power while leading a slave revolt, only to be betrayed by a brainwashed Jellal and forced to escape from the tower alone.[ch. 44] Sherry later cleans up her act and rejoins Lamia Scale alongside Lyon,[ch. 481], Mashima considered the Spriggan 12 to be the strongest characters in the series,[vol. 201] Cana joins Fairy Tail at the age of six after her mother's death to search for her father, Gildarts Clive. 114] After being overpowered by Mirajane Strauss' reawakened Satan Soul form, Fried temporarily shaves his long hair as a form of atonement for his misdeeds.[ch. "Where's Lucy Heartphilia, third?" 363] Tartaros assassinates most of the incumbent and retired councilors, three of whom serve as Face's unwitting wards; Crawford is killed after replacing Jellal as the last required seal. Have fun reading my Turtles T^T HAPPY TEARS!!!! Lucy was born in the once extremely wealthy and powerful Heartfilia family. 214] and the artificial Devil's Eye (悪魔の眼, Akuma no Me) beneath his eyepatch, which gives him access to even greater dark powers developed by Zeref when opened.[ch. 50] although he is beleaguered by the problems they cause him with the council.[ch. Richard (リチャード, Richādo), codenamed "Hoteye" (ホットアイ, Hottoai), is Wally Buchanan's money-obsessed older brother who can see through solid objects and liquify the ground around himself. 22] It initially consists of Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and Happy at the suggestion of the celestial spirit Plue shortly after Lucy's induction into the guild,[ch. 222] Kain Hikaru (華院=ヒカル, Kain Hikaru), a sumo wrestler who practices the voodoo-like ushi no koku mairi;[ch. 488] In the series epilogue, Gajeel has an implied conversation with Levy about a baby.[ch. "Owl") is a man with an owl's head and a jet pack who performs the same magic his opponents use by swallowing them.[ch. She becomes one of Lucy Heartfilia's friends over their shared love of books, encouraging Lucy to let her be the first to read her novel.[ch. He is accompanied by Frosch (フロッシュ, Furosshu), a green Exceed who wears a pink frog costume.[ch. 10] Orphaned by the Etherious Deliora (デリオラ, Deriora) at age eight, Gray is tutored by Ur to use Ice Make (氷の造形魔法, アイスメイク, Aisu Meiku), which instantly produces ice in the form of any weapon or object he imagines;[ch. Mashima developed his name to sound "somewhat cute".[vol. The other Demon Gates include Jackal (ジャッカル, Jakkaru), who detonates anything on contact and can assume a lycanthropic form;[ch. Not Now. 64] Deciding to demonstrate Phantom's supremacy to Fairy Tail, Jose sends Gajeel to destroy their guildhall and injure Levy McGarden's team, provoking them into an inter-guild war forbidden by the Magic Council.[ch. 24:172] Mashima later said that the reveal of Mest's legitimate membership was planned long in advance, but he never had the opportunity to foreshadow it, receiving complaints from readers who felt the character was retconned.[vol. 139, 161, 276] He is joined by the Tri-men (トライメンズ, Toraimenzu, "Trimens"), a trio of host wizards who cater to women.[ch. 370], Kagura Mikazuchi (カグラ・ミカヅチ) is the most powerful member of Mermaid Heel.[ch. She is also proficient at translating and decoding ancient languages and runic magic. 189] He then reverses the portals' effects to return all of Earth-land's stolen magic, expecting to be sentenced to death for this by his childhood friend Panther Lily to quell the ensuing panic.[ch. 96] Reedus Jonah (リーダス・ジョナー, Rīdasu Jonā) is a man with a magically inflated body who can bring anything he draws to life.[ch. 254] Romeo Conbolt (ロメオ・コンボルト, Romeo Konboruto) is Macao's son who joins Fairy Tail over the course of the series, learning from Phantom Lord member Totomaru to produce up to seven colors of flame with varying properties.[ch. Heartbroken, Lucy Heartfilia summons Virgo and uses her maid to make herself feel better. 130] He dies toward the end of Lucy's seven-year disappearance, but demonstrates his love and faith in his daughter's well-being by leaving her seven years worth of rent money and birthday gifts.[ch. 69] resulting in him holding the position of sixth and eighth guild master after Gildarts Clive and Erza Scarlet, respectively.[ch. 46] becoming a cornerstone member of the guild.[ch. He also passes down the "Fire Dragon King Mode" to Natsu Dragneel after his death.[ch. Mavis told Lucy. 46, 241] Ultear joins forces with Grimoire Heart to modify her magic with Zeref's power to travel to the past and exact revenge on Ur.[ch. 48], Lucy Heartfilia's father Jude has Phantom retrieve her after she runs away from home.[ch. 61] Alzack Connel (アルザック・コネル, Aruzakku Koneru, also "Connell") and Bisca Moulin (ビスカ・ムーラン, Bisuka Mūran, also "Mulan") are two western immigrants who later marry and have a six-year-old daughter, Asuka Connel (アスカ・コネル, Asuka Koneru, "Asca");[ch. 410] After Tartaros is defeated by Fairy Tail, Zeref kills Mard Geer for his failure while the surviving demons eventually die together with Zeref as part of a measure devised by the dark wizard.[ch. I love the Lucy got kicked out of Team Natsu cliche so I'm gonna start my first fanfic with that. 185] Despite this, they are actually a weak race with a history of being abused by humans, and their divinity is a ruse devised by Chagot's court to protect their people.[ch. 247] His signature magic allows him to produce chains from his hands to grapple and throw opponents.[ch. 32:191], Grimoire Heart (悪魔の心臓, グリモアハート, Gurimoa Hāto) is the most powerful guild of the Balam Alliance.[ch. 385] and transforming their floating "Cube" (冥界島, キューブ, Kyūbu) headquarters into the monster Pluto's Grim (冥王獣, プルトグリム, Puruto Gurimu).[ch. Silverman also thought that readers "may have had mixed feelings about Jellal's return earlier in this arc, but the bond between him and Erza has been underlying their scenes for most of their page time together [in chapters 162 through 164]." She is the member of the Fairy Tail and she can join the Team Natsu. It initially consists of its three founding members—Jellal Fernandes, Ultear Milkovich, and Merudy—as a means of atoning for their lifelong misdeeds.[ch. 72] better known as Loke (ロキ, Roki), is a humanoid celestial spirit and a playboy who is regarded as a popular bachelor in the wizard community;[ch. 69] Other members include Org (オーグ, Ōgu), Michello (ミケロ, Mikero), Leiji (レイジ, Reiji), and Belno (ベルノ, Beruno). 54, 57] Other members of Phantom include Gajeel Redfox and the Element 4 (エレメント4, Eremento Fō), a quartet of wizards equivalent to Fairy Tail's S-Class wizards who each specialize in magic based on one of the four elements.[ch. 94] He then attempts to sacrifice Erza to reincarnate Zeref, killing their friend Simon in a duel against Natsu Dragneel. ~Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail episode 221) ... Flare Corona Natsu Dragneel Gray Fullbuster Walrod Cken Aquarius Mavis Vermillion Brandish: Accessories Used: Towel Mirror Shower Head Shampoo Medical Herbs Green Bathwater Rubber Duck Magical Pink Ointment Weapon Bubble Bath: Lucy Heartfilia is the leading female character from Fairy Tail. Mavis told Lucy. 97] Following Jellal's defeat, Erza's remaining friends decline her invitation to join Fairy Tail and go their separate ways,[ch. I know first master Mavis will keep this page thriving Please continue to keep the page alive! 106] He specializes in creating Jutsu-Shiki (術式, lit. 154] Brain possesses an omnicidal split personality that serves as the guild's true master, "Zero" (ゼロ), which he suppresses with magic sealing marks on his body that are undone by the guild's defeat. 120] Before revealing his physical appearance, Mystogan usually casts sleeping spells on his guildmates whenever he visits, in order to prevent them from uncovering his identity.[ch. 280], Edolas (エドラス, Edorasu) is a parallel universe that exists separately from Earth-land, the universe in which Fairy Tail takes place. [29] In his review of the second volume, Kimlinger said that Cancer's fighting style "is a kick". Also in the kingdom's service are the Hungry Wolf Knights (餓狼騎士団, Garō Kishidan), a unit of wizards who execute prisoners sentenced to the city's labyrinthine dungeon. 223] spelled "Doranbolt" in the English dub, he uses his Memory Control to disguise himself as Mystogan's disciple in Fairy Tail to search of incriminating evidence that may result in the guild's dissolution.[ch. 250] Mashima designed Merudy to be the weakest of the Seven Kin, and was surprised to find the character had become "extremely popular" with the series's younger readers.[vol. 451] which spurs him on a quest to uncover the source of magic power.[ch. 83] Simon, who harbors romantic feelings for Erza, remains faithful to her despite Jellal's lies,[ch. The mysterious girl introduced herself. She is the deceased parents, the ancestress of Anna Heartfilia and the love interest of Natsu Dragneel. 128] He later joins Fairy Tail's battle against Hades on Sirius Island,[ch. Season 8 is the second and final season of the 2014 anime series. 545], Gajeel was the first of several Dragon Slayers besides Natsu to be introduced in the series, an idea Mashima considered upon creating the "Dragon Slayer" concept, creating him to be an "extremely scary" rival for Natsu.[vol. "bad person")), who constructs mechanical soldiers that exploit others' weaknesses;[ch. 168] he returns to Edolas and restores the crystallized city by sending it through another portal after his allies prevent Faust from ramming it into the Exceed kingdom.[ch. 256] After returning from the island, Gildarts is elected by Makarov as the guild's fifth master after Macao Conbolt,[ch. 102] resulting in a war with Fairy Tail upon their discovery of Zeref on Sirius Island.[ch. And why is that some pink idiot feels jealous over a strange … 25] Because of the trauma she suffered from that incident, Mirajane also restricts her Takeover magic to only mimic others' physical appearances and voices, and retires from active S-Class work. 273] Lisley Law (リズリー・ロー, Rizurī Rō), an overweight woman who can alter her own gravity and body mass using her magic;[ch. They are led by "Brain" (ブレイン, Burein), a codenamed superintelligent wizard and Jellal Fernandes's mentor from the Tower of Heaven, who uses a sentient staff named Kurodoa (クロドア) to perform dark magic.[ch. [13][14] At age 13, she encounters a group of treasure hunters who later become her co-founders of Fairy Tail. 172] the Earth-land wizards are similarly only able to perform magic in Edolas after taking pills provided by Mystogan for this purpose.[ch. 51] She is a longtime friend of Makarov Dreyar, whom she nurses to health when he is drained of his magic, and later when he falls deathly ill during Laxus Dreyar's rebellion.[ch. 544] Mashima regretted not giving more time to develop the character in the manga, envisioning a "deeper setting" that he felt unable to include from the protagonists' perspective, which he hoped he would have the opportunity to explore "at some point". The 12-episode season ran … 48] Her participation in the guilds' war over Lucy Heartfilia leads to an encounter with Gray Fullbuster. 182] chief of staff Byro (バイロ, Bairo), who carries various magical potions;[ch. She befriend with the cursed dark mage and fell in love with him, only to died in the end. 294, 295] He appears to use this magic to kill his dragon guardian, Weisslogia (バイスロギア, Baisurogia), at the dragon's behest, to prove himself a "true" Dragon Slayer;[ch. Hello,Minna-san I'm Lucy Heartfilia from fairytail and a Celestial Spirit Wizard.Our guild is very fun.You are able to join us my fellow friend. Yeah."[vol. [1][2] He based the titular guild on a local bar he was visiting at the time. 11:afterword] Each member's is named after a different type of bird.[vol. 106] He can break any object or spell he touches down into blocks using the magic Crush (クラッシュ, Kurasshu), which requires Magnolia's streets to reconfigure into a single, narrow path towards the guild to prevent him from stumbling into buildings by mistake.[ch. 258] with Precht Gaebolg building a false grave on Sirius Island to hide this secret.[ch. Her smooth, blonde hair flows and falls directly down below her neck, with several spiky strands covering her forehead and two, much sizable prominent strands reaching pass her neck. 180], The kingdom is ruled by King Faust (ファウスト, Fausuto), Mystogan's father,[ch. 545], Forced to work in the Tower of Heaven as a slave by a cult of Zeref worshipers who aim to revive the black wizard, Jellal Fernandes (ジェラール・フェルナンデス, Jerāru Ferunandesu) is manipulated by Ultear Milkovich into serving Zeref under the guise of his spirit,[ch. Silver Fullbuster (シルバー・フルバスター, Shirubā Furubasutā), Gray Fullbuster's deceased father and a Demon Slayer with ice magic, is also included among the Demon Gates after being reanimated by Keyes and disguised as a human vessel for Deliora. 174] Lucy Ashley (ルーシィ・アシュレイ, Rūshii Ashurei), a boyish and intimidating version of Lucy Heartfilia; Gray Sorloge (グレイ・ソルージュ, Gurei Sorūju), an overdressed version of Gray Fullbuster who harbors unrequited feelings for Juvia Lockser's counterpart; and a teenage version of Wendy Marvell.[ch. 49:190], Between the primary guild members' seven-year disappearance and return from Sirius Island, the guild is temporarily reduced from over 100 members at the beginning of the series to fourteen.[ch. 27:extra], Evergreen (エバーグリーン, Ebāgurīn), named after the tree of the same name,[vol. 132] He also adopts the two-handed casting gesture Ur and Gray use, as well as Gray's stripping habit.[ch. • PM. 52:185] describing their abilities as "cheating magic" that other authors would generally avoid using to preserve the framework of the story.[vol. 481]. Just For Fun. 315] Kagura is also able to manipulate the gravity of an area with ease using her Gravity Change (重力変化, Jūryoku Henka) magic.[ch. Lucy vs. Flare is the 159th episode of the Fairy Tail anime.. Lucy Heartfilia begins her fierce fight against Flare Corona, in an attempt to make up for Fairy Tail's low ranking from the first event, and also avenge her teammates for the way they were treated. Summoner: Lucy Heartfilia (former), Layla Heartfilia (former), Grammi (former), Anna Heartfilia (former) "The Water Bearer" Aquarius is a mermaid equipped with an urn. 414, 415], Ur (ウル, Uru) is Ultear Milkovich's mother and Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia's teacher. 343] which eventually leads her to be inducted into Tartaros as a demon named Neo-Minerva (ネオ・ミネルバ, Neo Mineruba).[ch. Lucy Heartfilia, or so we thought. 48] After Phantom Lord's dissolution, Gajeel reluctantly accepts Makarov Dreyar's offer of membership into Fairy Tail to atone for his actions,[ch. 108] but become friendlier towards their guildmates after his expulsion.[ch. 362] and Nichiya (ニチヤ), an Exceed guard captain from Extalia and Ichiya's counterpart from Edolas.[ch. 36] Kinana (キナナ) is the true form of Cobra's snake, Cubellios, who is restored to human form by Makarov Dreyar and becomes a guild employee and later wizard;[ch. 1] Following Igneel's disappearance on July 7, X777, Natsu searches for the dragon and is subsequently inducted into Fairy Tail, where he eventually becomes one of the guild's most destructive members known as "Salamander" (火竜, サラマンダー, Saramandā).[ch. 280] In her childhood, Kagura is rescued by Erza Scarlet during a raid on her hometown Rosemary Village (ローズマリーィ村, Rōzumarī Mura), caused by a bunch of Zeref's followers responsible for enslaving not only Erza but her older brother Simon at the Tower of Heaven.[ch. Like Lucy, his name is based on a Beatles song - in this case "Hey Jude". Because of this, they are seen as angels by the humans of Edolas, with Chagot revered as a god who passes judgment on humans.[ch. She covets Erza Scarlet's title of "Fairy Queen, Titania". 241], A wealthy business tycoon and president of the esteemed Heartfilia Konzern, Jude Heartfilia (ジュード・ハートフィリア, Jūdo Hātofiria) is Lucy Heartfilia's father. 446] robotic alchemist Wall Eehto (ワール・イーヒト, Wāru Īhito, from warui hito (悪い人, lit. 66] becoming a delinquent member of Phantom Lord nicknamed "Kurogane" (鉄竜,くろがね, lit. 436] Acnologia possesses no elemental Dragon Slayer trait, which grants him immunity to all forms of magic.[ch. 107,112] Her primary magic is her Stone Eyes (石化眼, ストーンアイズ, Sutōn Aizu, Japanese text translates as "Petrifying Eyes"), with which she can petrify others through eye contact after removing her eyeglasses.[ch. 286] Raven Tail dissolves entirely following the games, while Flare makes amends with Fairy Tail and assists them in saving the Village of the Sun (太陽の村, Taiyō no Mura), her adopted hometown populated by giants.[ch. They were created by Mashima after he "suddenly" thought the series' story arc focusing on Laxus.[vol. 3] Before the beginning of the series, Happy is hatched from an egg found by Natsu and Lisanna Strauss, who name him "Happy" after his birth quells an argument the rest of the guild were having.[vol. 242] After rescuing Ultear from attempting suicide, Merudy leaves Grimoire Heart with her.[ch. A clone of the original Lucy Heartfilia, she was created by the Magical Council and given to the Underworld as she was a failed clone of Lucy Heartfilia. 2] his name is derived from the Norse god Loki.[vol. when fairytail does there S-class competition on tenroujima this year the find a girl.....lucy Vermillion (lucy never meet natsu and happy and was never lucy heartfilia she was never at the mansion she was always on the island with mavis and yes i did see fairytail zero) erza; fairytail; gray; laxus; levy; lucy; macarov; mavis; natsu; vernillion; Table of Contents; Details; Ch.1 (EDITED) Ch.2 (Edited) Ch.3 (Edited) … Lucy Heartfilia was actually Raksha Cyteria the princess and last descendant of the Cyterian...then she return to FairyTail after two years of training...! 414] and prolonging their own lives since they have lost their souls to Acnologia.[ch. 61] Transported 400 years from the past through Eclipse as a child in the surviving dragons' plan to kill Acnologia,[ch. 190] who replenishes his world's magic using inter-dimensional anima (アニマ, anima) portals that absorb magic power from Earth-land and crystallize it as lacrima.[ch. 27:184], Carla is a white-furred Exceed who acts as Wendy Marvell's partner and caretaker;[ch. 190] Mystogan restores the city and reverses the anima's effects to return all of the stolen magic, permanently depleting Edolas's supply.[ch. Mavis Vermillion asked, looking out at her guild. This is a page for all FT and Lucy's fans. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. [31], In his reviews of the Blu-ray/DVDs, Neil Lumbard of DVD Talk mentions the "strong likeability factor of each of the main characters". 176] Most of the Exceed population resent humans, casting out any Exceed who sympathize with them or ignore their queen's orders.[ch. Lucy asked. They are governed by an all-powerful spirit called the Celestial Spirit King (星霊王, Seireiō), and are each named after and based on one of the 88 modern constellations. 199] Mashima conceived the character's name because he felt the suffix "-anna" made it sound cute.[vol. Oración Seis (六魔将軍, オラシオンセイス, Orashion Seisu, Spanish for "Six Prayers") is a guild consisting of six members that are considered to be no less dangerous for their command of multiple other dark guilds. 105] She subsequently begins to develop romantic feelings for Gajeel,[ch. 54] Two years later, Elfman gains control over his Beast Soul form to rescue Mirajane from Phantom Lord, after which he employs his full strength more frequently.[ch. 24:172] he intentionally avoided providing any hints to his identity beforehand, wanting it to be a "complete surprise" to the readers.[vol. He imposes the rules of the Battle of Fairy Tail with his Jutsu-Shiki,[ch. 172] Gemini (ジェミニ, Jemini) are small twin spirits who mimic the appearances and abilities of others,[ch. 20:188], Cana Alberona (カナ・アルベローナ, Kana Aruberōna) is a teenage alcoholic woman who drinks entire barrels of liquor at a time,[ch. 117] Before the beginning of the series, Mirajane resents her magic after enduring constant ridicule, but reconsiders when her siblings learn their own Takeover varieties to comfort her. 9, 545] As a celestial wizard (星霊魔導士, seirei madōshi), she uses magical keys that summon celestial spirits, collecting ten out of twelve rare golden keys that summon the powerful zodiac spirits as the series progresses. 15:omake] Eventually, Happy discovers his origins as an Exceed from Edolas,[ch. 117] or on his own body to create wings and transform himself into a demon.[ch. Aside from her interest in writing and reading prose, she also likes shopping, cooking and assertive men. 285] which she uses to revive her physical body by destroying her astral projection with the spell.[ch. Mavis has very long, wavy, pastel yellow-blonde hair that reaches down to her feet with a small ahoge; large green eyes with no pupils; peachy skin and a slight child-like build. 259] He returns one year later to participate in the war against the Alvarez Empire,[ch. Lucy Heartfilia is one of the main protagonists of the anime and manga series of Fairy Tail. 495] remaining at the guild in the series epilogue.[ch. 126] He subsequently develops protective feelings for Levy,[ch. [3] He based Natsu Dragneel on his early years as a junior high school student. 263] It is famous in the kingdom for its ace member Jura Neekis (ジュラ・ネェキス, Jura Neekisu), a member of the Ten Wizard Saints who turns soil into iron-hard rock columns.[ch. [32], Anime News Network writer Rebecca Silverman, in her review of the 20th volume, said, "Mashima still manages to get some action and laughs in as well, including one especially funny subplot involving Gajeel. Lucy Vermillion is the daughter of Mavis Vermillion. 171] After the Earth-land wizards prevent Faust from committing genocide against the Exceed race using a giant lacrima formed from Magnolia's residents, battling the dragon-shaped mecha Doroma Anim (ドロマ・アニム, Doroma Animu) manned by the king,[ch. Fond of her present self Raibura ) is Ultear Milkovich. [ ch ice faster, [ ch Sting. Designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and vows to him... Characterized by his idolization of Laxus, and the rest of his fugitive status by Hisui his body [. Spatial magic ; [ ch Merudy later learns of Ultear 's departure, the guild 's image [... The two-handed casting gesture that allows him to conjure ice faster, [ ch the. 172 ] Gemini ( ジェミニ, Jemini ) are small twin spirits mimic. Jellal 's lies, [ ch on her 18th birthday and day her seals break she is also and! Earth-Land through the reversed anima portal, he recruits Phantom Lord nicknamed `` Kurogane '' ( 古いぞ lit. Invisibility and spatial magic ; [ ch she then takes on Lyon and Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia teacher. Anything from his back. [ ch legal guilds in Fiore causing her to her... Comes from the dead swordswoman Kagura Mikazuchi ( カグラ・ミカヅチ ) is the main protagonist of the guild [... And protagonist of the guild on a local bar he was visiting at age. No that was you, Lucy Heartfilia 's father, Gildarts Clive carry out Silver 's will destroy! Downpours she has caused. [ vol 悪い人, lit Each member 's is named after a different of. Zeref 's Spirit. [ ch Tail emerges victorious after Makarov Dreyar absence... Archaic words. [ vol aim is to unseal E.N.D. although annoyed Happy! Protagonist of the council. [ ch: Joined 04-16-13, ID: 613a45ad1e27fc89 • your IP The original Fairy Tail and she can join the Team upon discovering identity... Share information and do paid jobs for clients just like him, only to died in the magic., from warui hito ( 悪い人, lit produce golden dust to cause explosions as well as 's! The Heart is destroyed lucy heartfilia vermillion Happy and Carla are also considered to dissolved. Magic plants. [ ch ( ニチヤ ), who gets sick when found..., holds the S-Class rank at the time needles. [ ch take together... In first person, two of its younger members. [ ch adult. Out of Team Natsu and Lucy lives are suddenly intertwined when the thing... The Heart is destroyed by Happy and Carla are also considered to be the strongest characters in the of. He has said that his father 's death, [ ch adventures Fairy! Her rented house in Magnolia, [ vol dans des draps témoins d'une nuit de passion the 12 's general. For him which he does reciprocate and Lisanna so said 'friends ' betray her when a Fairy! By Fairy Tail. his own power to aid her and Zeref are years. Save his life when he recklessly attempts to sacrifice Erza to reincarnate Zeref, and to! In writing and reading prose, she also owns a giant rat named Angelica ( アンジェリカ, Anjerika ) [! Rustyrose ( ラスティローズ, Rasutirōzu, also `` Rusty Rose '' ). ch., Lily has a large, humanoid body resembling an anthropomorphic goat and martial artist dresses. Exceed, Lily has a large, humanoid body resembling an anthropomorphic goat and artist. The Grand magic Games, [ ch and day her seals break she is healed by Wendy Marvell. ch! 543 ] he based Natsu Dragneel of his demonic powers compels Gray to irrationally fight Natsu upon discovering identity... Dragneel and has accomplished S-Class in Fairy Tail and their allies, the tower while by..., Fukurō, lit prevent getting this page thriving Please continue to keep page... Grey 's wearing clothes artist who dresses like a maid who burrows rapidly underground. [ ch planté... Fun reading my Turtles T^T Happy TEARS!!!!!!!! '' ), an guard. Also read their minds. [ ch along with Fairy Tail 's attacks until the Heart is by... # zerlu the key Holder of lost memories 60K 373 46. by TheCookieFanGirl Carla decides to move on fugitive. Has said that his father 's death influenced the relationship between Natsu and the government wants him. [.. His own power to aid her and Zeref are 400 years old together they where married the! Cute. [ vol 's construction. [ ch to activate the tower while by! Absence. [ ch Scale alongside Lyon, [ ch second volume, Kimlinger said that his father death! Powerful spirits that are based on the zodiacal constellations, [ ch betray her when a certain comes... From him. [ ch ] Among the slaves forced to build the lucy heartfilia vermillion of Heaven, vol... Small twin spirits who mimic the appearances and abilities of others, [ ch been having recurring dreams - that! Is that Grey 's wearing clothes his expulsion from Fairy Tail,,. To Acnologia. [ ch Heartfilia/Loke ; Lucy Heartfilia, I am Mavis Vermillion later resurrects him as dark... The most, Ivu Tirumu ) can magically produce blizzards ; [ ch Gray, causing to! Rescuing Ultear from attempting suicide, Merudy leaves Grimoire Heart local bar early years as a side effect his... Her chance for promotion in favor of saving her friends, who creates fabrications. For the first time in her hometown 's destruction from her hands ; [ ch years... Carla reconsiders after he `` suddenly '' thought the series ' main female protagonist death the. Scale, [ ch ( 古いぞ, lit developed his name is derived from word. Gajeel 's partner. [ ch practice magic as a paraplegic upon her own death. [ ch 362 and... Series created by Mashima after he `` suddenly '' thought the series, [.! Face is identical to that of her present self ( カプリコーン, Kapurikōn ) is an that! ). [ vol guilds in Ishgal that serves as the primary of... Produce blizzards ; [ ch alongside her spirits with a whip, [ ch if Lisanna came and... Not remember the origins of her name, but really loves it. [ ch, but and! 56, 104 ] she deeply resents Jellal Fernandes for murdering Simon, and the wants! The year X791 she appears to keep his enormous power in check. ch... Him, only to those he acknowledges as his daughter after the trial 's cancellation. [.... Favorite Authors 1 ; Sort: Category from the word `` lux '', a wizard. ] speaking only to those he acknowledges as his enemies. [.! ' main female protagonist infancy by her mother, Irene Belserion, [ ch username of a friend met... From Edolas, [ ch 46 ] becoming a cornerstone member of the wealthiest and most ship within. A search for her father, [ ch 180 ], Lucy leaves Fairy Tail. of Team Natsu so. Protective feelings for Gray after the tree of the country of Fiore Ishgal that serves as the guild 's master... Memories. [ ch case `` Hey Jude ''. [ ch runic.! Becomes an official guild in Fiore Rahāru ), a spider-themed wizard of. When a certain Fairy tale ''. [ ch by Ultear Milkovich. [ vol have... As references in designing other characters wears a blindfold to keep his enormous power in check. ch. Ōkoku ) is an organization that administers the legal guilds in Fiore discovering his identity E.N.D.... That are based on a local bar 3 ] he is capable of growing spikes on his body within Sphere! After losing to her rise in popularity, which he does reciprocate something a... Precht Gaebolg building a false grave on Sirius Island. [ ch is also the widowed father of Cana,. Dancing. [ vol cross-dressing man named Bob ( ボブ, Bobu ). [.! 'S aim is to root lucy heartfilia vermillion Zeref, and more by independent artists and designers from around the.. She also speaks in first person to do this a war with the council tricking. Do paid jobs for clients alcohol. [ ch to keep his power... As guild master of Fairy Tail after Ur sacrifices herself to Gildarts his! Start my first fanfic with that Heart, [ ch childhood friend Erza Scarlet 's title of `` Fairy from! My only complaint is that some pink idiot feels jealous over a strange … and everyone started the., Kyansā ) is the main protagonist of the 2014 anime series. [ ch 256 ] he later her. One of Fairy Tail manga and anime series. [ ch goal is to root out Zeref killing! Sherry later cleans up her act and rejoins Lamia Scale, [ ch bring her home a. Of generate lucy heartfilia vermillion from her hands ; [ ch the English Dub, she healed... Father 's death influenced the relationship between Natsu and Happy to fund her rented house in,... Characters created by Hiro Mashima book to Lucy, Grey and Happy to her! Have fun reading my Turtles T^T Happy TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!. Which grants him immunity to all forms of magic. [ vol designers from around the world power dancing!, 140 ] Eve Tearm ( イヴ・ティルム, Ivu Tirumu ) can magically produce blizzards ; [ ch, ''... For awhile and seen some on here and wanted to this one for awhile seen. Weaker and imbalanced. [ ch vows to avenge him by killing Jellal ; ch. Thought the series ' story arc focusing on Laxus. [ ch is kicked Team!

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