how to make responsive website using bootstrap

When I build responsive websites, I always start by creating a non-responsive layout, fixed at the default size. You can add in as many links and more content in the footer as per your requirements, however, avoid filling the footer with unnecessary information and links. Forms are the web content you can use to get the user input data. Other than that we also used collapse navbar-collapse. Creating a responsive website using Bootstrap. Share your output on your social media handles and tag Coding Ninjas. The use of Bootstrap makes it possible to easily develop a responsive website as it doesn’t require you to play with specific CSS Grid specifications or Flexbox. This will be our ideology behind picking the color scheme for our website. Understanding Bootstrap Grids and how to use them. It’s now time to create the content section for the responsive website. Before Watching the Tutorial It’s perfectly possible to go responsive without any need to resort to a framework like Bootstrap. fits to every screen sizes. Step 1 Download the responsive CSS and JavaScript files from Setting Up Ensuring you get a responsive Bootstrap website is as simple as placing the correct meta tag inside the head of your web pages: , ,

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